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    Arsur'Anyodel [ar-soor an-ee-o-del]

(Moonbow, Night Watcher)

Arsur’anyodel has but one purpose, to defeat Dresta.  The moment she arrived on Habololy, she made that clear to the Counsil.  Should Dresta ever be victorious, it would be over the defeated spirit of Arsur’anyodel.


The elven deity came to Habololy several years after Dresta.  Her few clerics that came with her quickly went to work preaching against the mistress of the moon.  Little has changed in 500 years.  Arsur’anyodel and her faithful still preach and act against Dresta.  What has slowly changed is the tide of the battle.  Dresta had a head start and a base of power.  Arsur’anyodel fought that with good deeds and true words spoken by the most of her loyal clerics, known as Nightingales.


The Counsil pays Arsur’anyodel little attention.  They are content to allow her to keep Dresta in check.  For that favor, they ignore her status as a deity of another plane.  The cults see Arsur’anyodel as another example of what can be achieved, and as an opportunity to gain power if they are able to steal hers.


Power:  Demi-God

Symbol: A blue circle with a rainbow circling half of it.

Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Aspects:  Transition, The Moon, Rescue, Good Lycanthropes

Plane of Existence:  Arborea


Domains:  Moon, Prophecy, Redemption

Prayer Time: Any time at night while the moon is out

Favored Weapon:  Long Bow

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High TempleVale of the First Beam

High Cleric:  Atiana Darkgale

Number of Faithful:  300,000

Associated Groups:  Nightingales


            Dogma:  There are many evils in the world that tempt.  Dresta is the most seductive of those evils.  The best way to counter her is by good deeds and actions.  A good act is worth a thousand words.  A thousand good deeds are worth paradise in the afterlife.

            Feast Day: 12th Wavery

Arsur’Anyodel – “One should not Teleport until one has walked a thousand miles.”

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