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    Compture [komp-tur]   

(The Schemer, Gremlinlord)

The first time Habololy changed, the seeds of Compture’s existence were planted.  Every time the world has changed, she has grown.  While the world stagnates, she grows weak.  Complacency is her foe, and life her ally.


Compture is an instigator and a voyeur.  She draws energy and enjoyment from change.  She is also a planner and a schemer.  For Compture, change must have purpose and direction.


The other religions are very careful of the faithful of Compture when they are able to recognize their presence.  A cleric of Compture signifies that great changes are in the works.  In most cases, the clerics do not work to cause the changes themselves, but rather plant the seeds in others.  The changes they create can be helpful or harmful.  It is only the significance and size of the change that matters to the cleric and to Compture.


Every other Counsil member sees the importance of Compture.  Since every deity sees something in the world that needs to change, they recognize her importance.  She changes her allegiances often, but always with reason.


The cults do well to leave Compture alone.  Many believe that one day Compture will work to change the way the Counsil works, or even to eliminate the Counsil to change Habololy.


Compture’s nature is to defy any consistent depiction of her.


Power:  Greater God

Symbol: A multi-colored ring.

Alignment:  Neutral Evil

Aspects:  Schemes, Gremlins, Change, Shapechangers

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Luck, Mischief, Planning, Transformation, Trickery

Prayer Time: Any time, but may never pick the same time two days in a row (this does not imply minutes, but events such as: dinner time, before bed, etc.)

Favored Weapon:  Dagger

Turn Undead:  Humanoid Shape (1 + Constitution modifier times per day), this is similar to the polymorph self spell, but may only be used to change into a humanoid form.

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Templeunknown

High Cleric: Valen Tracenkall

Number of Faithful:  350,000

Associated Groups: The Changers of Ways


            Dogma:  The measure of an individual is in how they change the world.  To be successful in life is to change the world as much as possible.  Planning and thought are the best methods to cause change.  Death is an end to opportunity.  Those who cause change live on in the change they created.

            Feast Day: none


Religious – “Compture has made every deity a strange bedfellow.”


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