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    Dresta [dres-ta]

(Maiden of the Moon, Queen of the Night Sky)

The wonderful act of finally imprisoning Amat had many unexpected effects on Habololy.  One of those was the appearance of Dresta shortly after the appearance of the moon.  Dresta came to the Counsil in a mighty comet wreathed in blue flame announcing that she was the mistress of Astilan, her name for the newly formed moon.  The Counsil acknowledged her claim, and granted her a seat.


Dresta sees Habololy as her playground away from home.  She envisions that one day; she will be mistress of both worlds.


Her faithful try to please her so that they might be taken to the glorious world above.  They look to sacrifice creatures of the sunlight to her.  They have constant ceremonies to praise her.  They preach of her glory, and eliminate those who would preach against Dresta.


Dresta’s role on the Counsil is that of spoiler and obstructionist.  Anything she sees as bettering Habololy, she stands against.  However, she does not want to see the world destroyed, and therefore stands against the cults of Chaos and Amat.  Her faith pays special attention to the Cult of Wandle, whom Dresta calls a rival; and to Arsur’anyodel, who is a constant thorn on her side.


The other deities and their faithful pay close attention to Dresta.  They fear what might happen if her plans come to fruition.  It is that fear that allows Arsur’anyodel to remain on Habololy.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: A white circle surrounded by blue flames.

Alignment:  Neutral Evil

Aspects:  The Moon, Evil Creatures, The Night, Evil Lycanthropes

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Corruption, Darkness, Moon, Trickery

Prayer Time: Any time at night while the moon is out

Favored Weapon:  Dagger

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Templenone

High Cleric:  Pennia DeKaterine

Number of Faithful:  750,000

Associated Groups: none


            Dogma:  It only takes one look into the night sky to see the power of Dresta.  She will one day control everything that she sees below her.  The path to power lies in service to her.  Those who die in her service receive great rewards.  Others who die will know their folly when Dresta rules the world.

            Feast Day: Dark Day

Dresta – “When eyes are closed, the world is dark.”


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