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    Gruweas [groo-eez]  

(Lawmaker, The Chief Counsel)


Gruweas is a cold and uncaring deity.  He knows nothing of mercy, kindness, or generosity.  What he does know is the law and its implementation.


The lore of the deities tells of an age when Gruweas was the foil to Dedestroyt.  It was a time when the chaos of death and ruin were challenged by the law and safety of governments.  As time passed, and more deities began to emerge, Gruweas found other, more pressing challenges.  Primary among them is the Grean Republic.  The race made in his image established a nation based on his ideals.


For much of the people of Habololy, there is little separation of Gruweas and the Gree.  Those non-Gree that worship him are devoted to the law or to the ideals of an all-powerful government.


Gruweas is disliked by many of the Counsil members.  Falan, Tommimao, Lavash’Ki, Arsur’anyodel, and Treetop all speak against his unwavering backing of the rules.  The cults of Drunnbar and Vishtoo particularly hate Gruweas and his followers, and will attack them on site if possible.


Gruweas allows the law to dictate his allegiances and enemies.


Gruweas is depicted as the perfect Gree.  Standing no more than five and a half feet tall, he wears traditional Grean armor with a tri-sword at one hip and an elemental epbul at the other.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: The fleur-de-lie.

Alignment:  Lawful Evil

Aspects:  Cunning, Gree, Lawmakers, Government

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Nobility, Planning, The Law, Tyranny

Prayer Time: At three hours before noon each day

Favored Weapon:  Tri-Sword

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Resurrect

Favored Class:  none


High TempleBeasetta

High Cleric:  Petrik-Gar Chelthin

Number of Faithful:  750,000

Associated Groups:  none


            Dogma:  Order must be achieved at all costs.  Those who do not aide in creating order are against it.  Laws are the best method of keeping order.  Strong governments are the best methods of keeping the law.  One must be intelligent and wise to take part in lawmaking.  Others do best to follow the laws of their leaders.  Death allows the strong to continue without the weak interfering.

            Feast Day: 9th Coustus


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