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Habololy Main 

    Habastly [ha-bast-lee]

(Father Earth, Nature’s Guard)


The bringer of life to Habololy has always had one of the most influential and largest religions.  No one is ignorant of the fact that Habastly is the first among the four creators.  He actively ensures that his world does not fall to the evils of the cults.


The clerics and the faithful of Habastly can be found in most places, even if in only small groups.  They all have at least one thing in common, life.  They fend off the imbalances in nature that can be created from all directions.


Habastly respects the existence of every member of the Counsil.  His clerics aid any cleric of the Counsil as long as they are not harming life.  In contrast, every deity that chooses to remain on Habololy outside of the guidelines of the Counsel is his sworn enemy.  Their reverence towards life prevents Habastly and his clerics from waging open war on the cults, but does not stop them from banning and sanctioning them.


Habastly appears to his faithful in all manner of natural guises, from a human, to a treant, to a spider.


Power:  Greater God

Symbol: The sun crossed by a staff.

Alignment:  Neutral Good

Aspects:  Nature, Life, Plants, The Sun

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Animal, Creation, Earth, Plant, Sun

Prayer Time: Any time during the day

Favored Weapon:  Staff

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High TempleHabastalai

High Cleric:  Harold Lastelm

Number of Faithful:  3,500,000

Associated Groups: Grovetenders


            Dogma:  Without nature in balance, the world would end.  All living things that are in the cycle of life must be respected.  Death is the end to the cycle, and therefore natural.  Those things outside of the natural cycle and order of things are the greatest evil.

            Feast Day: Day of Life


Habastlian – “The sun rises for everyone.”


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