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    Loomashyn [loo-ma-shin]


When the Spider Queen was driven from Habololy, the hatred that had been so focused under her guidance was unleashed.  Loomashyn was created deep in the pits of the underdark.  Since his inception, Loomashyn has sought only to quench his insatiable hatred.  He appears in the darkest corner, where hatred is strongest, and searches for victims that he can overcome.  His existence is well known, but his influence has as of yet only reached a small portion of Habololy.


The faithful of Loomashyn share only utter hatred as a unifying factor.  They look to sate that hatred, but never succeed.  Followers of Loomashyn are driven to indulge their hatred.  When the faithful are successful, slime, ooze, and muck are all that is left.  The Boiled Forest is what can happen when the influence of Loomashyn goes unchecked.  The Wugs fell victim to the cycle of hatred, and continue to try and sate it by destroying the rest of the Great Halfling Forest.


Loomashyn finds that almost every religion and cult has some form of hatred, and therefore he can take advantage of them.  The exceptions to this are his worst enemies, Quan Yin and The Oldest Orc.  Their faiths no little of emotion and nothing of hatred.  They are the most difficult to corrupt, and the two faiths that Loomashyn decrees must be killed on sight.


Power:  Demi-God

Symbol: An eyeball covered in ooze and slime.

Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

Aspects:  The Underdark, Slimes and Oozes, Hatred

Plane of Existence:  Elemental Ooze


Domains:  Corruption, Madness, Transformation

Prayer Time: Any time at night

Favored Weapon:  Warhammer

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Berserker


High Temple The Pit 

High Cleric:  Blackwell

Number of Faithful:  60,000

Associated Groups:  Bloated


            Dogma:  Hatred is the most powerful emotion.  Feed your hatred and it will keep you in power.  Inspire hatred in others, and they will assist you.  The death of those you hate empowers Loomashyn and the cult.  Your own death must be avoided, for only Dedestroyt awaits you.

            Feast Day: none


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