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    The Oldest Orc

(The Overseer, The Eternal)

Less is known of the Oldest Orc than nearly any other deity of Habololy.  What is known is that he is the most powerful of the deities, sitting in judgment above all, but never interfering.  His existence is said to pre-date the creation of the world, but his arrival on Habololy, when he brought the orcs, gnomes, and dragons to the world, is a recorded fact.


Those that worship him do out of respect.  His followers are not greedy, nor tremendously devout.  Other religions let his followers be, because they fear the power of the overseer, which has never been brought to bear, but which always looms.


More than any other religion, the Oldest Orc’s is based on faith, for he is the only deity that never appears to his faithful.  The vast majority of the faithful of the Oldest Orc are orcs.  The religion’s most ancient methods and dull services are as much hallmarks of the orcs as they are of the religion.


Virtually all artwork and description of the Oldest Orc portray him as a grandfatherly-looking orc.  White hair, recessed eyes, a think cane, and heavy skin.


Power:  Overgod

Symbol: The infinity symbol interwoven with another symbol. (Ex. eyes, teeth, sword, etc.)

Alignment:  Neutral Neutral (good)

Aspects:  The Orcs, Ancestry, The Elderly, Non-intervention

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Community, Introspect, Knowledge, Prophecy, Protection, Time

Prayer Time: Before sleeping

Favored Weapon:  Staff

Turn Undead:  Slow Aging feat*

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High TempleMelg

High Cleric:  Lukius Veraitius

Number of Faithful:  2,000,000   

Associated Groups: none 


            Dogma:   Do not involve yourself in events or tasks that are above your station.  Be mindful of the past.  Obey your superiors, but be knowledgeable about them and the decisions they make.  Protect all knowledge gained.  Respect the old.   Death after a life of devotion and respect is the greatest reward.

            Feast Day: none

The Oldest Orc – “The beginning and the end reach out their hands to each other.”


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