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    Smofarf [smoh-farf]

(Dwarf Father, Magic Bringer, The Master Crafter)

When the world was born, Smofarf gave it magic.  He bound the world together with it and taught the first wizards how to shape it to aid them.  When the time came, he brought the dwarves to the world to master the greatest craft, spellcraft.  Smofarf remains the overseer of Habololy’s magic.  It is his first priority.


The clerics of Smofarf are sometimes indistinguishable from wizards.  In fact, many are wizards as well as clerics.  Their duties are to preserve the sanctity of arcane magic, to teach all creatures the best ways to interact with it, and to ensure it is not abused.  To the faithful of Smofarf, one of the greatest abuses of magic is that of the Sorcerer.  The faithful do not call for the open execution of Sorcerers, but they do call on them not to openly use their talents.  Those that do not heed the warning are to be banished.


Smofarf’s first loyalty is to magic, even over the other creators on the Counsil.  His considerable weight on the Counsil lies always in line with the decision of Habastly, except in the rare instances where arcane magic would be harmed in some way.  The thorn that exists in the side of Smofarf is the Cult of Drunnbar.  Few religious wars can compare to those waged between the faiths of Drunnbar and Smofarf.  No quarter is ever asked or given.


Smofarf appears to his faithful as a robust brown bearded dwarf of middle years.  He has short hair and is always garbed in heavy robes.  His eyes appear in many colors, and his clerics say that the color reflects the school of magic he is using.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: A mountain circled by eight stars.

Alignment:  Neutral Good

Aspects:  Magic, Dwarves, Wizards, Crafts

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Craft, Earth, Knowledge, Magic, Protection

Prayer Time: In the morning soon after waking up

Favored Weapon:  Hand Axe

Turn Undead:  Sacred Spell Feat (usable on arcane spells)*; Clerics may take any feat that is normally only applicable to arcane spells and apply it to divine spells and vise versa.

Back from the Dead:  Resurrect

Favored Class:  Wizard


High Temple Mount Spelltop

High Cleric:  Hothmur Mountainmagic

Number of Faithful:  2,500,000

Associated Groups:  Brotherhood of Blast Mountain


            Dogma:  Mastering a craft is the most important goal in life.  Magic is the greatest craft of all.  Without the crafts, the world would be uncivilized and barbaric.  Only those who have wasted their life on trivial pursuits have to fear death.

            Feast Day: 1st Smofena

Smofarf – “Cobblers do not judge above the shoe.”


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