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    Tommimao [tom-ee-may-o]

 (The Wanderer)

Tommimao is most often worshipped as the patron of travelers.  He is the deity of guides in a world without maps.  He is also known as the patron of the addicted.


After the Doggeden War, Amat was banished from Habololy.  To ensure he would not return, the deities tasked several individuals to keep watch over Amat.  Tommimao was one of those individuals.  He was the only one to return to Habololy to warn of the return of Amat.  The Counsil rewarded him by promoting him to their ranks.


Tommimao quickly took to life as a deity.  He was more involved in the lives of his fledgling religion than any other deity.  He was involved in the mortal world in a way no other deity did, and he got caught up in it.  Tommimao remains active on the world, helping Habololy’s races make their way safely from place to place.  He personally trains every pathfinder for at least a week.


The clerics of Tommimao emulate their deity in both virtue and sin.  They are helpful and concerned, but indulgent.  They live this life and preach it to the faithful, and to other religions and cults.  The religion of Tommimao has a shrine in more towns and cities than any other deity.


Tommimao and his faithful adhere to few rules without question.  Sometimes favoring the Counsil, at other times speaking against it.  Sometimes aiding the cults, while at other times working to defeat them.  Views vary from cleric to cleric as often as from time to time.


Much of the Counsil does not approve of Tommimao, but they pay him little attention.  His religion is consistent in its size, but has one of the lowest life expectancies of any faith.  Since the views of the clerics change frequently, it is difficult for them to find any long term allies.  All of the cults work against Tommimao, as he is seen as a weak link in the Counsil, one that could be eliminated or persuaded.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: The most commonly used method of travel: horse, griffon, feet, etc.

Alignment:  Chaotic Good

Aspects:  Travelers, Guides, Intervention, Pipeweed, Addiction

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Animal, Libertaion, Mischief, Travel

Prayer Time: Any time between morning meal and noon meal

Favored Weapon:  Long Sword

Turn Undead:  Know Direction as spell of same name (number of times per day as a cleric of the same level could turn undead)

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High Templenone

High Cleric:  Keifer Griffonbane

Number of Faithful:  200,000

Associated Groups:  Pathfinders


            Dogma:  The journey of life is more important than the destination.  The more things that are encountered in life, the more full of a life it is.  Helping others fill their life is just as important as goal as filling one’s own life.  Anything that prevents the expansion of someone’s experience is bad.  Death is the end of the road, so make sure that the road is long and full.

            Feast Day: 20th Wavery

Tommimao – “Cheerful company shortens the miles.”

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