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(The Animal Guard, The Ranger Lord)


It is told that in the beginning, Treetop brought all of the animals to Habololy.  He chose them and placed them.  Since that time, Treetop has defended all the natural creatures of Habololy.  His role as the lord and guardian of all animals has never been challenged.


Much like their patron, followers of Treetop look out for animals.  The clerics and faithful pay special attention to the so-called civilized creatures.  Their faith is a proactive one, stemming problems before they begin, not afraid to make mistakes.  Treetop is known to appear every few years to his followers, warning of great dangers and rewarding heroic deeds.


Although he and Habastly have a great deal in common, Treetop is more willing to be outspoken for or against other deities, both on and off the Counsil.  He has long argued for Arsur’anyodel, often allies with Tommimao and Falan, and openly defies Dresta and Gruweas.  Treetop is also known to be tolerant of the cults, but not enough to raise the ire of the other three creators.


Those who meet Treetop describe him as a handsome middle-aged elf.  Details vary, as each elven race describes seeing him as being from their particular race.


Power:  Greater God

Symbol: A tree circled by arrows.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Aspects:  Animals, Beasts, Elves, Rangers, Archery

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Animal, Community, Plant, Sun, Vision

Prayer Time: Any time during the day light

Favored Weapon:  Short Bow

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Ranger


High Temple:  The Palace of Trees

High Cleric:  Vavalikai Jungletree

Number of Faithful:  2,900,000

Associated Groups:  The Animal Guards, The Ranger Lords


            Dogma:  All animals live together in the world.  Treat other creatures, as you would have them treat you.  Prevent creatures from being taken advantage of unfairly.  Do not let invention or modernization cloud the goals of life.  Death is a natural end to life.  Only the evil have to fear their existence after death.

            Feast Day: 1st Leenot


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