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    Cult of Amat [a-mot

 (The Hopeless)


Viewed as the most dangerous by some and the most pathetic by others, the cult has one obvious goal, the return of their patron.  When Amat was imprisoned in the year 0, many of his clerics committed suicide, or relinquished the faith.  Very few continue the practices and ceremonies.  At first, they had quite a following.  As the centuries rolled on, the Amatine Gnomes began to some to the practical realization that their patron was never going to return.


The clerics of Amat that remain are forgotten and hidden.  When they do emerge, they are mocked.  They hold secret meetings and plot ways by which their long-trapped deity might be returned to them.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Symbol: A bloody pick.

Aspects: Dominance, Amatine Gnomes, Assassins


Domain: War

Favored Weapon: Pick


Faithful: 1,000,000

Associated Groups: Amatine Assassins


            Dogma:  Those who are in control will be immortal.  Respect those who are in control.  Take control from the weak.  Death comes only when one loses control.

            Feast Day: 3rd Napay (Birthday of Amat)


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