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The cult of the Slaughter began in the Umanin Kingdom around the year 400 AC; at about the time that kingdom fell.  It centers on the worship of one man: Kendal of the Slaughter.


Kendal was the most powerful Dead Stalker and one of the most powerful clerics of Dedestroyt ever.  The prayers of the faithful claim, that his hand was involved in the deaths of over 50,000 beings.  Kendal was the architect of the Elven Slaughter in 176 BC.  He presided over every execution in the Umanin Kingdom and had time to walk the world to hunt down those that cheated death.


To a human, Kendal was congenial and proper.  To members of most other races, he was disrespectful and dangerous.  Towards elves and half-elves, he was deadly.  No elf dared stay in his presence, even those who were fellow clerics of Dedestroyt.


When his death was announced by the Jungle Elves after the fall of the Umanin Kingdom, some followers killed themselves to join him in Dedestroyt’s embrace.  Enough did remain to carry on his message and pray for his return.  They believe that he is not dead, only waiting for the time when the cult proves itself worthy of his return.


To other religions, the Cult of the Slaughter is of virtually no concern.  A cult with no deity can be of little threat.  The exception to this is the religion of Treetop, who fights daily to hunt down every member of the cult, as they would do to the elves.


Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral (evil)

Symbol: A bloody elven ear.

Aspects:  Genocide, Racism


Domain:  Death

Favored Weapon:  Serrated Long Sword


Number of Faithful:  50,000

Associated Groups:  none


            Dogma:  There is only one race that deserves life.  All others must be killed.  The death of others brings the world closer to perfection.  The deaths of the faithful add strength to the cause

            Feast Day: 1st Leenot (Day of the Slaughter)

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