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    Drunnbar [drun-bar]

(Magicbane, The Hammer of the Mountain)


The history of Drunnbar is as well known as that of nearly any other deity.  He has been compared to both Amat and Hemator. He has come within one vote of joining the Counsil of the Deities and within one lost battle of having his clan wiped off of Habololy.


Long before the Counsil existed, Drunnbar split clan Sledgehammer from the other dwarven clans of the String Mountains.  He ruled as king for longer than any other dwarf or even elf.  Hatred of magic and the devotion and love of his kin kept him alive.  For years, he languished as a quasi-deity, hoping to be allowed to join so that he might bring his crusade against magic to new heights.


More than once, he brought the String Mountain Kingdom to the verge of collapse.  However, his clan was brought to the brink of extermination an equal number of times.  Drunnbar persevered, and in 221 AC be was literally shown the way by Hemator.  Fifty years later, after allowing the Counsil one last chance to allow him to ascend, he began the difficult task of getting there on his own.  He succeeded.


Since his ascension, the nation of Nomagrok has flourished.  They have brought their crusade to the String Mountain Kingdom and to the Grean Republic with greater and greater success.  Drunnbar has forged a tentative allegiance with Hemator, and has an ally on the Counsil in Gnarion.  The faiths of both, and rightly so, believe that the two were friends in their mortal days.


Drunnbar’s faith benefits most from that which he hates the most.  The need and love of the arcane possessed by most of the races and nations prevents his cult from expanding much beyond Nomagrok and the occasional other city, such as Jaswap.  The deities look to other cults, such as Hemator and Chaos, as much more dangerous.


The faithful of Drunnbar are devoted to one goal that transcends all other rules and laws, the destruction of arcane magic.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: A hammer crushing a book.

Alignment:  Lawful (neutral) Neutral

Aspects:  Destruction of Magic, Clan Sledgehammer dwarves, Stone

Plane of Existence:  Elemental Earth


Domains:  Craft, Earth, Protection, Strength

Prayer Time: Immediately after morning meal

Favored Weapon:  Great Hammer

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Reincarnate

Favored Class:  Fighter


High Temple Rfoste

High Cleric:  Garnit Sledgehammer 

Number of Faithful:  600,000

Associated Groups:  Warriors of Stone, Spellbreakers


            Dogma:  The world has an illness and its name is magic.  The stone of the earth is pure, as the Sledgehammer Dwarves are, and as the other races can be.  Only through great deeds can death be overcome.  For those whose deeds were not great enough, the earth welcomes them back to be remade and returned to try again.

            Feast Day: 30th Napay (Before Magic’s Day)


Drunnbaran – “When a wizard’s in yer cave, there’s no need to discuss his spells.”


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