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    Wandle  [wan-del]

(Daughter of the Fiend)

It is the dream of every parent that his or her child have a better life than the parent had.  Amat was no different.  The offspring of a dalliance with a devil, Wandle was destined for greatness.  However, her aspirations have always been far higher than her reality.


During the Return of Amat, Wandle was ready to make her play for power.  When it looked as though Amat had no hope for victory, she petitioned the Counsil to elevate her and let her speak for the Amatine Gnomes.  Her plea fell on deaf ears, and many gnomes were outraged by her perceived betrayal.  When Amat was imprisoned, she came to the Amatine Gnomes as a parent would come to a child to say: “I told you so.”  Most of the gnomes would have none of it.  Wandle was left with few followers, and a lowly status among the deities.


Since that time more than five hundred years ago, Wandle has fought to claim her position.  The death of the Spider Queen gave her a sudden influx of followers, and her battles with Corahakar have given her a greater purpose.  It is no longer the Amatine Gnomes for whom she battles; it is female domination, by any means.


That does not mean she is oblivious to the past.  Wandle openly works against the cult of Amat, wanting no possibility of her father’s return.  She also remembers those who harbor the greatest hatred for her race: The Oldest Orc and Stasis.  It is unfortunate for her, that the Counsil too remembers the sins of her and her father.  Her cult is given no quarter by most of the Counsil.


Power:  Demi-God

Symbol: A bloody pick with female eyes underneath it.

Alignment:  Lawful (neutral) Evil

Aspects:  Seduction, Witches

Plane of Existence:  Gehenna


Domains:  Fire, Hatred, Trickery

Prayer Time: Midnight

Favored Weapon:  Pick 

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Rogue


High Temple none

High Cleric:  Gnatassa Wentavay

Number of Faithful:  150,000

Associated Groups:  Seductresses


            Dogma:  The world will come to know the power of the female.  A female should hold every position of power.  A female should make every important decision.  The rule of the males will come to an end.  Wandle embraces females who have seen the glory of her cause.  No male will be spared the torture of Gehenna.

            Feast Day: 28th Progonust

Of Wandle – “Pretty women hide dirty tricks.”

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