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Medium-Sized Humanoid (Cold)

Hit Dice: 2d8+6 (15 hp)

Initiative: 0

Speed: 30 ft.

AC: 15 (+2 natural, +3 armor)

Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+4

Attack: by weapon +4

Full Attack: by weapon +4

Damage: by weapon +3

Space/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks: none

Special Qualities: Cold Subtype, Armor of Ice, Heat Vulnerability

Saves: Fortitude +8; Reflex +1; Willpower +3

Abilities: Strength 16; Dexterity 10; Constitution 16; Intelligence 10; Wisdom 14; Charisma 8

Skills: Hide +1*; Knowledge (Religion) +3; Search +3*; Spot +4*; Swim +4; Survival +3*

Feats: Great Fortitude

Environment: Any Sub-Arctic or Arctic

Organization: Group (4-10); Settlement (100-500); City (1,500-10,000)

Creature Rarity: 4

Challenge Rating: 2

Treasure: standard

Alignment: usually Neutral Evil

Advancement: by character class

Level Adjustment: +1


When one first looks at the Chosen of Frostine, it is easy to mistake them for a human, albeit a pale one.  A closer inspection reveals that the human has skin that is far paler than a healthy human could have.  They stand taller than the average human, usually at least six feet tall, but weigh about the same and have a variety of physical builds.  Their hair, if not shaved off, is thin and white in color and their eyes are blue or gray.


Most legends say that the Chosen of Frostine were once human, but taken by the deity Frostine when he first appeared on Habololy and altered to suit his needs.  For much of the continent of Icefia’s history, the Chosen ruled over it.  The Chosen enslaved the ice gnomes and forced the barbarians and other humans to pay tribute.  It wasn’t until the Kingdom of Icefia and the deities Stasis and Gnarion appeared that the Chosen began to loose control.  They were pushed back into the most northern parts of the continent and their nation was broken up.  They still remain in communities and cities, but have lost their organization and the power they once wielded.  The Chosen follow the will of Frostine, which is for them to retake Icefia and bring an icy blanket to the continent again.


Their culture resembles that of the other human cultures, but with a singular focus.  There is no variety of religion, there is no trade with other races or nations, and there is little entertainment or pleasure.  Both males and females work towards the same goals.  Children are seen as necessary elements in continuing the will of Frostine.


Chosen of Frostine have their own language.  They have also been known to speak ice gnome and common.



The Chosen of Frostine prefer to lay traps and carefully plan any attack.  They are 

cunning and will attempt to use spells before engaging in combat.  The chosen prefer to use spears, javelins, tridents, and other piercing weapons.  They never use bows of any type.


Armor of Ice:  The Chosen of Frostine build armor fashioned from ice.  It is enchanted to resist melting and prevent it from cracking.  Any cleric of Frostine with the Craft (armorer) skill can create one such suit of armor per year, using the standard DC for an armor of that type.  It provides the wearer with a +3 bonus to armor class and gives the wearer damage reduction 10 against any piercing or slashing weapons.  For every day in which of suit of Armor of Ice spends over half the day in above freezing temperatures, the wearer must roll a d20 with a DC equal to the number of hours in the day the armor was in above freezing temperatures.  If the wearer fails the roll, the armor melts.


Cold Subtype:  Cold immunity, double damage from fire except on a successful save.


Heat Vulnerability:  For every day a Chosen of Frostine spends in temperatures above freezing, the Chosen must make a DC20 Fortitude save.  If successful, the Chosen takes 1d6 points of damage that cannot be healed except when the Chosen returns to freezing temperatures for a minimum of one day.  A failed save means the Chosen takes 2d6 points of damage.


Skills: Chosen of Frostine receive a +4 bonus to Hide, Search, Spot, and Survival skill checks while in any arctic terrain.


Chosen of Frostine Characters           

The favored class of the Chosen of Frostine is cleric, but they must worship Frostine.  Chosen of Frostine have an ECL of +1.

Frostine – “The glacier cannot be pulled backwards.”



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