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Small Fey

Hit Dice: d8 (2hp)

Initiative: +3 (+3 Dex)

Speed: 30 ft.

AC: 14 (+3 Dex, +1 Size)

Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-2

Attack: Halfspear 1 melee; or dart +4 ranged

Full Attack: Halfspear 1 melee; or dart +4 ranged

Damage: Halfspear 1d6-2; or dart 1+ poison

Space/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks: poison

Special Qualities: gremlin aura, low-light vision, tree-walking

Saves: Fortitude +0; Reflex +5; Willpower +4

Abilities: Strength 6; Dexterity 16; Constitution 10; Intelligence 12; Wisdom 10; Charisma 14

Skills: Hide +12; Move Silently +12; Listen +8; Spot +8; Survival +8

Feats: Alertness

Environment: Tropical Jungle

Organization: Solitary; Group (3-20); Community (1000+)

Creature Rarity: 5

Challenge Rating: 1/3

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Usually Chaotic Neutral

Advancement: by class

Level Adjustment: +2


Gremlins are small, thin, and often called the relatives of trolls because their green, pot-marked skin.  They have large black eyes, big ears, a hooked nose and claws on both their feet and hands; all features that are also found on trolls.  Gremlins have no hair, and if anyone has ever seen a female Gremlin, they have never spoken of there being any difference.


Gremlin life is filled with two ideals at the expense of all others: survival and amusement.  They gather in large groups to achieve both.  They are a chaotic race, with a great lack of ability to focus on little else beyond those two ideals.  The Gremlins that rise to prominence are those few that have the ability to remain focused and lead others.



Gremlins usually engage in combat for entertainment.  Their goal is to confuse and disorient opponents.  This is the case even if they are actually looking to harm their opponent.  Gremlins stay out of melee as long as possible, hoping that their darts and luck will wear their opponent down.  Only when they feel secure will the Gremlins move in to finish the job.


Poison (Ex): All Gremlin darts are covered in a natural poison the Gremlins make.  It has the effect of slowing down the thought process of intelligent creatures.  Anyone injected with the poison must make a Fortitude save DC15.  There is no initial damage.  The secondary damage is the loss of 1d3 wisdom points for 2d4 days.  Creatures with Intelligence below 3 are immune to this poison.


Gremlin Aura (Su): Every Gremlin radiates an aura of bad luck and destruction.  Every creature within 10 feet of a gremlin receives a 1 penalty to all saving throws, skill checks, and attack rolls.  This effect is cumulative if more than one gremlin is within ten feet.  Gremlins are immune to this effect.  The general aura cannot be negated by any save or skill check.  By concentrating, Gremlins may focus this aura on an individual, instead of an area.  If a Gremlin succeeds in a concentration check DC 15, the target of his aura receives a penalty equal to the difference between the result of the concentration check roll and the DC of 15.  So if the Gremlin rolls an 18, the target receives a 3 penalty to all of the listed rolls.  The maximum penalty that can occur is a -10.  An individual being targeted in this way may make a Concentration skill check to negate the effect.  If the target chooses, the target may make a Willpower save at a DC of 25 instead of the Concentration check.  This requires the target to use a move action.  The DC of the check to avoid the effect is 15.  Every round that a Gremlin concentrates, it must use a move action to do so.  It may switch targets at any time as a free action.  This ability is magical in nature, although it is not specifically arcane or divine.  Spell resistance does not stop the effect.  Magic dead areas and Anti-magic fields do stop the effect.


Tree-walking (Ex): Gremlins receive no penalties to any checks made while in trees.


Skills: Gremlins receive a +2 natural bonus to all Hide, Move Silently, and Survival skill checks while in the jungle.


Gremlin Characters

Note that the abilities for a PC gremlin can be found here, and are slightly different than the monster statistics given above.

Orcish Proverb The greatest dangers come in small creatures.


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