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Small Magical Beast (Cold)

Hit Dice: 1d10+2 (8 hp)

Initiative: +5 (+5 Dex)

Speed: 5 ft.; fly 50 ft. (good)

AC: 16 (+5 Dex, +1 size)

Base Attack: +1/-1

Attack: Bite +2 melee

Full Attack: Bite +2 melee

Damage: Bite 1d3 and numb

Space/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./ 5 ft. 

Special Attacks: numb, screech

Special Qualities: Blindsight, Cold Subtype, Sonic Vulnerability

Saves: Fortitude +4, Reflex +7, Willpower -2

Abilities: Strength 10; Dexterity 20; Constitution 14; Intelligence 3; Wisdom 4; Charisma 5            

Skills: Hide +8; Listen +9

Feats: none

Environment: any Arctic or Sub-Arctic

Organization: Pack (3-10)

Creature Rarity: 1

Challenge Rating: 1

Treasure: none

Alignment: Usually Neutral Evil

Advancement: 2-5 (medium)


Similar in appearance to other normal bats, the Ice Bat is a large off-white colored representative of the species.  The Ice Bat has a supernatural connection to the Icepyre, which controls the actions of most Ice Bats.  They are found grouped in the caves of the Icepyres.  If an Icepyre is killed, surviving Ice Bats search for a new master.  They have no ability to resist the commands of their Icepyre masters.



Ice Bats distract and harass creatures that the Icepyres are hunting.  They will bite to try and numb and stun the prey as their master moves in for the kill.  They will screech if ordered or to escape should their master be killed.


Cold Subtype:  Cold immunity, double damage from fire except on a successful save.


Numb (Ex):  Every time the Ice Bat successfully bites an opponent, the target must make a Fortitude saving throw at DC 13.  If the save is successful, nothing happens.  If the save fails, the target takes one point of Dexterity damage.


Screech (Ex):  Once per minute, the Ice Bat may screech as an attack.  Anyone within 15 feet of the Ice bat must make a Fortitude saving throw at DC 15 of be deafened for five minutes.


Skills:  The Ice Bats receive a +8 bonus to all Listen skill checks.


Sonic Vulnerability:  Whenever the Ice Bat is the target of a sonic-based attack, it receives a 4 penalty to its saving throw.


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