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Founded:  312 AC / post-99

Capital:  Cleeve

Population:  4,200,000 (25% Bugbears, 35% Kobalds, 15% Hobgoblins, 10% Troglodytes, 8% Savage Orcs, 6% humans, 1% other)

Government:   Autocracy

Ruler:  Harrl the Bright

Major Religions:  Sutyr, Dresta, The Oldest Orc

Active Cults:  Cult of Vaeraun

Allied Nations:  none

Enemy Nations:  Kingdom of Yellowia, The Orcish Empire


Size:  115,000

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Barren, Scrub/Brush

Subsistence:  Grazing/Herding

                Secondary:  Raiding, Mining, Light Agriculture


National Feats:  Near to Monsters, Raised in War, Slavery Survivor


Magic Level:  Very Low

Technology Level:  Low

Trade Level:  Very Low

                Exports:  Pig Products

                Imports:  Grains

Coin:  any


Major Cities:  Cleeve (600,000)


Founded by the Warlord Borkon shortly after the appearance of the moon, Borkondof is a nation of humanoids that most other nations would be unhappy to host.  Its founder saw visions of a Bugbear nation to rival the Orcish Empire.  Were it not for the fact that there were hobgoblins, kobalds, and troglodytes in his nation, he may have succeeded.  Although they are better off with a semblance of a government than with none, it is not what Borkon envisioned.  Since his time, Borkondof has fought many wars with its neighbors.  They have only slightly progressed, and still require raids on other nations to keep themselves fed.  The great vision of its founder has kept the nation together.  Many Bugbears believe that the spirit of Borkon will one day return and finish what he started.


Borkondof is a harsh realm.  The powerful and intelligent rule the weak.  Females are only given rights if they can fight for them.  Bugbears and hobgoblins are in constant feuds over decisions of state and lesser affairs.  The kobolds are mainly fodder for their battles, both internal and outside of the nation.  Troglodytes have become less and less common, but still come out at night to interfere with the others.  The Drow elves do the same.  The rulers would prefer this not happen, but can do little to stop the Drow.  If it were not for the strong belief of all Bugbears in the eventual return of Borkon, the nation would have fallen long ago.


The ruler of Borkondof is always the biggest and strongest Bugbear that is capable of wielding the sword known as the Legacy, a massive bastard sword forged in honor of Borkon.  The rest of the nation is ruled by the smartest and most powerful.  The only unity comes with a war.


Their civilization revolves around procreation and fighting.  One of the only strictly enforced crimes is the protection of females who are with child.  Most crimes are punished by enslaving the guilty to the victim or to the family of the victim.  There are no constables.  Crimes are stopped and criminals found only when the victim is capable of being the guilty to justice.  This leads to many fights, most of which take place for the pleasure of all in the arenas.  The arenas are the most popular form of entertainment and the center of social life in Borkondof.


Only the nations near to Borkondof consider it a nation.  Those close to it know better than to dismiss the real threat that is millions of fairly organized Bugbears, kobolds, and hobgoblins.  At times, the Kingdom of Yellowia and the elves of Jungletree will trade with Borkondof, as will the Orcish Empire, albeit on fewer occasions.  They see trade as a better option than being raided for food.


For the rulers of Borkondof, the world is theirs to take when it becomes necessary.  As long as there is enough food and other necessities to live comfortably, there is no need to go to war.


The current warlord is a Bugbear known as Harrl the Bright.  He is an imposing figure, but allows his aides to do most of the official work.  The hobgoblins have taken this and turned it into an advantage.  They, much more than the Bugbear or kobold population, want war with the neighboring nations.  If they remain in control for too long, war is inevitable.


The troglodytes and Drow elves do not make their home in the cities and lands of Borkondof, but below it.  Their presence has been increasing in recent years, much to the ire of the Bugbears, who dislike them more than the hobgoblins.




Harrl the Bright (Bg CN Be12/Ra3), the wielder of the Legacy and the ruler of Borkondof.  He is a massive Bugbear, who is more concerned with hunting and protecting his nation than anything else.  He does not speak much, and is not often seen.


Haskslin Toomark (Hg LE Fi7/Ro6), although none believe it, he is the effective ruler of Borkondof.  He does not hide the fact that the Kingdom of Yellowia and its lush fields are his goal.


Tfaaklop Rider (Kb TN Fi3/Ra4/BR6), the head trainer and leader of the Kobold bear riders.  He trains nearly every owlbear that is ridden in the nation.  He has about as much respect as a Kobold can garner, which is still less than any Bugbear who is not a slave.


Azzganhap the Red Lightning (Kb CE So(Elemental)6/EC7), in a land with few laws, sorcerers are not persecuted.  This has allowed Azzganhap to flourish.  He is known for his red-colored lightning magic.  He will accept any task that pays well enough.


Long ago, the lands that are now called Borkondof were a lush with green fields and grazing herds. Or so that’s what the stories tell. If you travel there today, you will see empty plains and few green fields. The creatures of Borkondof have stripped it clear for so long that it will be three elven lifetimes before it returns.
                    Where there should be animals, there are Hobgoblins. Where there should be green fields there are Kobalds. Where there was once an large city, probably built by the orcs, there is a ramshackle mass of buildings which the Bugbears call home.
                    There is nothing to explore in Borkondof, there are no mysteries to uncover. There is only the thought of finding the fastest way to the other side.

Bugbear – “Two piles of meat confuse the Kobalds.”

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