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Habololy Main 

The Destroytian Republic


Founded:  250 AC / post-37

Capital:  Freeberg

Population:  2,310,000 (85% human, 15% Orc)

Government:   Republic

Ruler:  Weeton Metri

Major Religions:  Han~Sui

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  none

Enemy Nations:  Thalmeret, the Gremlins, Baenrl 


Size:  280,000

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Grasslands, Plains, Hills 

Subsistence:  Medium Agriculture, Grazing/Herding

                Secondary: Hunting/Gathering, Mining    


National Feats:  Noble Tradition, Professional Tradition, Raised in War, Weapon Master Trained


Magic Level:  Average 

Technology Level:  High 

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Fruit, Ivory, Ores

                Imports:  Glass

Coin: Copper Sovereign, Silver Sovereign, Gold Sovereign, Platinum Sovereign


Major Cities:       Freeberg (302,000)

                                 Upflou (240,000)

                                 Siptall (219,000)

                                 Demaree (184,000)

                                 Lake Mournae (175,000)

                                 Janglege (54,000)


Before the existence of the republic, the lands of the Dedestroytian peninsula belonged to the Dedestroytian Empire.  They revered the ideals of honor, truth, and nobility.  These ideals came at some expense.  To protect females, they were given a completely different method of attaining these goals.  Most other nations saw these goals as perverse and barbaric, while the people of the empire, even the women, believed theirs to be the best system.  The empire waxed and waned in power as most nations do, but they always held on to their beliefs, and managed to remain a force on Habololy for over a millennium.


It was during the Return of Amat that some of these ideals began fail the empire.  The hardships brought on by Amat forced the mighty empire to ally with traditional enemies, such as the Kingdom of Yellowia, and newer nations, such as the Kingdom of Icefia.  These influences quickly brought about calls for change and reform in some of the traditions.  A civil war erupted soon after a well liked and good emperor was slain.  Hard-line traditionalists fought against reformers.  With the help of other nations who sought to bring the Destroytian nation into line, the reformers defeated the traditionalists.  While many of the rules and laws regarding honor remained, the role of females changed, as well as the roles of males.  Both were now free to choose a path, but were honor bound to stay upon it once chosen.


The traditionalists were not entirely defeated and over the centuries returned several times to try and overthrow the republic.  Finally, in 604 AC, the traditionalists were able to take control of the southeastern half of the peninsula, forming the nation of Thalmeret.  Since that day, the Destroytian Republic has tried to strengthen its ties to the nations that had once fought for its newer status, but have found that the world has its own problems.  They are constantly on guard against Thalmeret, who has sworn to defeat the republic and bring back the empire.


The Destroytian Republic does not trade with most of the other nations.  Their navy is no match for the Horarian pirates, who cut off much of their trade to the north and west.  Thalmeret harries any ships that travel east, and only ice and ocean lie to the south.  That leaves the republic with only the northern jungles as a possible trade route.  Since the gremlins attack any caravan that they encounter, this way is also unreliable.  The government is constantly searching for new possibilities to connect them to the other nations, but as of yet, they have had little success.


Life inside the republic is much better than its relations with its neighbors would lead one to believe.  The system of honor, which has been the hallmark of the nation since it was an empire, remains intact.  The Knights of the Republic, who can be found in the government, in the military, and in many others facets of life, embody it.  The laws are fair, and treat all races and most religions equally.  The laws are also the backbone of society, since they describe the paths to honor.


As a whole, the republic is in need of outside trade.  The republic has opened three new mines just outside its border on the southwestern coastal mountains, and is hopeful it can trade the iron, copper, and minerals it has found there. The people are nor yet poor, but that day fast approaches.  Food is not scarce, but variety in it is.  No new farmlands have been planted in a century.  The cities, which are not yet overcrowded, have expanded to their limits.  The stagnation of the nation as a whole has created more fear than anything else.  Luckily, the people still have faith in a government that has not lost its honor.


Most recently troubling to the republic is the build-up of troops along their border with Thalmeret.  The army on the border has been slowly increasing for five years, and most fear an invasion is imminent.  Outbreaks of a strange illness that drives women insane have been occurring in the cities.  Legend tells that this is a sign that their nation will fall.




Weeton Metri (hm LNg No3/Fi4/KoR5), a beloved ruler who cares deeply for his people.  Weeton has ruled for 16 years, during which time he has made every attempt to sign treaties and trade agreements with other nations.  He is happily married and consumed by the task of saving his nation.


Greggore Tuskane (ho LN Fi10/KoR8), the master-at-arms of the knights.  Born of an orcish father and human mother who died in childbirth.  Greggore is acclaimed as the most skilled warrior with any flail on Habololy.  He looks for nothing in life except to honor his family.


Anthony Deggartsal (hm LG Fi7/KoR10/Cr3), the head of the order of knights.  Anthony has retired from active duty but is still held in the highest regard.  He has become a capable armorer in his old age.


Sevris the Dart (hm NNe Ra8/Hnt9), the unofficial head of the Huntsmen.  They have a base somewhere outside the city of Janglege.  He has considerable pull when it comes to any matters in the jungle.  He is also the liaison between the military and the Huntsmen’s guild.


               On the western half of the Dedestroytian Peninsula, below the jungle of the Gremlins, lies the Destroytian Republic.  A land of rolling hills, small forests, and plains with massive herds of grazing beasts upon them.  To come to this nation is to know happiness, as long as you follow the order of things.

                The nation reaches to the sea in the west and the south where the peninsula ends.  In the north, it goes until it reaches the jungle.  In the east is the border with their rival and former countrymen in Thalmeret.  The border is made by the mighty Mevil River, which flows south into the sea.  North of the river is the city of Janglege, which watches the only land border between the two nations.

            The capital is the beautiful ancient city of Freeburg.  Its stone wall and buildings have stood for two millennia, although recent wars have destroyed some of the marvelous city.  It lies near the Mevil River, as do the majority of the large cities of the republic.

Destroytian – “Do not count the teeth of a living Gremlin.”

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