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List of Nations

Habololy Main 


Founded:  414 AC / post-201

Capital:  Twine

Population:  1,200,000 (95% gnomes, 3% human, 2% dwarf)

Government:  Religious Hierarchy  

Ruler:  Gnellana Firstice

Major Religions:  Gnarion

Active Cults:  Cult of Hemator

Allied Nations:  Kingdom of Icefia, Dwarven Kingdom  

Enemy Nations:  Amatom


Size:  175,000

Climate:  Sub-Arctic 

Major Terrain:  Barren, Glacier, Mountains, Tundra

Subsistence:  Grazing/Herding

                Secondary:  Mining, Hunting/Gathering


National Feats:  Frontiersman, Tradition of Faith


Magic Level:  Average

Technology Level:  Low

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Cheese, Wool, Furs, Milk

                Imports:  Gold

Coin: Icefian currency


Major Cities:        Eniwt (123,200)

                                Twine (110,000)

                                Gnime (98,900)

                                Glaciadoran (89,500)


The nation of the Ice Gnomes changed dramatically when Gnarion ascended to the Counsil.  Before his ascension, Gnarion walked among the Ice Gnomes, leading and guiding them.  Although he had not held the throne of the old kingdom for centuries before his ascension, the gnomes still respected and loved him more than they did the actual king.  Soon after his ascension, many clerics and elders realized that the king had not nearly the respect necessary to rule a nation.  After much debate, the nation came under the rule of the clerics of Gnarion and the religious hierarchy.


Since that time, the nation of Gnarland has made every attempt to present itself as a power in the world.  Before Gnarion’s ascension, the chosen of Frostine had fought a constant war against the Ice Gnomes, a war that often lead to defeat for the gnomes.  After the Gem-Ice War ended in 388 AC, the gnomes were left with a nation that has always known war trying to cope with a peace.  They were also left with a great example and ally to the south in the Kingdom of Icefia.  This relationship helped both nations and was very strong until the War of Technology.  The Kingdom of Icefia was a prime target of the Tinkocracy, while Gnarland remained virtually untouched.  After the Tinkocracy fell, the Ice Gnomes were left to their own devices, as the Kingdom of Icefia had too many other problems.


Because Gnarland has no port cities, it only trades with the cities and nations on the continent of Icefia.  The Kingdom of Icefia has excellent relations with Gnarland, as does the city of Iccord.  The Scaled Kingdom has opened up a very limited trade with Gnarland in the past decade.  The two nations trade out of necessity rather than out of mutual respect and good will.  The nations of the rest of Habololy have little to no concern for Gnarland.  Their only enemy remains the chosen of Frostine that still live in the wilds of Icefia.


The clergy of Gnarion is patient and any plans they might have for expansion or forays onto any other continent are not visible.


Gnarland is a nation where the clergy of Gnarion are in complete control.  No elections are held and all positions are appointed by the clerics under the guidance of Gnarion.  The only facet of life not organized by the clergy is the military.  The nation is one that is content and resourceful.  The gnomes will take any amount of time to complete a task correctly, much like the deity they revere.  This can be seen in the fine crafts that can be found throughout the nation.


The climate of northern Icefia is a harsh one, but one that the Ice Gnomes have learned to deal with and master.  Every gnome is taught the basics of survival in the frozen wilderness.  Hunting is an integral part of life.  Most gnomes stay indoors unless they are required to be outside.  Homes have extensive multi-level basements and often a personal well.  There are no small towns in Gnarland, for mostly practical reasons, as it can be very difficult to travel during the winter months.


In the past decade, Gnarland has begun to look to the north.  In centuries past, their war with the chosen of Frostine kept them far too occupied.  Explorers and adventurers have begun to make their way to the frozen wastelands to determine if anything lies there.  The military has begun to make incursions to the west, looking for any remaining chosen of Frostine.  The clergy has opposed this initiative, feeling it is too impulsive and unnecessary.




Gnellana Firstice (gn,i NG Cl(Gn)18), the leader of the ruling counsel of Gnarland.  Most of her policies have been directed towards building monuments to Gnarion and placing as much focus as possible of his teachings.  She has made many attempts in her thirty-year reign to bring the military totally under the control of the clergy of Gnarion.


Kisten Mappak (gn,i LG Fi7/Str9), the high general of the military.  Kisten has been the high general for a century.  He has led many missions into the wastes of western Icefia to hunt down the chosen of Frostine.  He recent missions have been thwarted by the influence and desires of Gnellana.  He likes the hierarchy but would like them to stay out of military matters.


Piper Gnoteway (gn,i CG Ra4/Cl(Tm)4/Ptf9), the leader of the most expeditions into the north.  Piper has been searching the northern lands for several decades.  He is known to be the pre-eminent explorer of the frozen north.  The hierarchy has delayed his most recent trips.


            What can be said about the land of ice?  Mountains eternally topped in snow.  Fields covered in a permanent frost and lakes that are covered in a permanent ice.  The rivers are as dangerous to traverse as a lower plane.  The inhabitants themselves don’t oft go out into the wilderness, and when they do, they have a clear plan of where they are going.


            Beyond that, is the land of the Chosen of Frostine, who have no need of our aid.


            For the true risk takers among us, there are endless caverns in the mountains that have never been explored.  But I warn you, they are deep and far from help, so beware.

Ice Gnomish – “You learn more from the wind in your face.”


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