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The Grean Republic


Founded:  c1500 BC

Capital:  Beasetta

Population:  2,012,500 (99% Gree, 1% other)

Government:   Beaurocracy

Ruler:  Arkon / Arco / Garact 

Major Religions:  Gruweas

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  none

Enemy Nations:  Frozensky Clandom, Kathow-tio-Horari, Dwarven Kingdom, Nomagrok 


Size:  310,000

Climate:  Temperate

Major Terrain:  Light and Medium Forest

Subsistence:  Forestry, Fishing

                Secondary:  Hunting/Gathering, Industry


National Feats:  Ordered Mind, Professional Tradition


Magic Level:  Very High

Technology Level:  Very High

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Pearls

                Imports:  none

Coin: Copper Pearl, Silver Pearl, Gold Pearl, True Pearl


Major Cities:       Beasetta (410,000)

                                 Deifae (240,000)

                                 Swevskae (168,000)

                                 Swevskae Des (159,000)

                                 Kontramitae (148,000)

                                 Stash Maen (113,000)

                                 Stash Kelvoo (97,000)

                                 Arkkav (65,000)


The Grean Republic is one of the oldest nations on Habololy.  It is also a nation with a great many problems.  For centuries, the republic ruled the seas and the ocean.  Its navy was unequaled, and the republic was rightfully considered a world power.  This dominance remained unchallenged for centuries and the republic did nothing to alter a philosophy that had worked for so long.  It was this complacency that did not allow the nation to prepare for the Horarians after they arrived.  The Gree were simply undefeatable, so when new philosophies came along that overcame their navy, they were floored and utterly defeated.  Since the loss of their status, the Grean Republic has slowly but surely begun to decline, despite the fact that the common Gree would have no idea that they were in decline.  Such is the way of their government.


Nothing is known, and in fact, the official policy of the government is that nothing existed before the establishment of the government.  The Gree believe that they came into existence and were divinely inspired by Gruweas to create the republic.  This theory went unchallenged for a millennium.  As the Gree began to have more contact with the other races and nations, some of them began to have other ideas about their own history.  The government quickly quashed any of these thoughts.  Merchants from other nations were not allowed to enter discussions.  Protests and demonstrations were not allowed.  Variety was looked down upon.  Such was and is the way of the government.


There are few other nations that have the amount of administration and governing that the Grean Republic has.  The Gree consider any nation that does not have a strong and controlling government weak and doomed for failure.  To the best information available, the Grean Republic is far more successful and has been in existence for far longer than any other nation on Habololy.  The government of the Gree is elected by the people and given complete authority to make law.  Once elected, officials wield every power.  There are officials for everything from the military to education to commerce.  Once a law is in place, in cannot be questioned, and according to the government, is never questioned.  Such is the way of the government.


Other nations once feared and gave a great deal of thought as to how they would deal with the Grean Republic and their naval power.  Since their defeat at the hands of the Kingdom of Icefia and the Horarians, as well as others, other nations have given little thought to the republic.  Since the Gree rarely venture onto other continents, there isn’t much need to give them any thought.  Since their naval power is rarely seen, it isn’t worried about.  The Grean Republic has been on an island for generations, only involved in their age old battles with the dwarves and Vishtoo.  These nations, that share a continent with the Grean republic, do give thought to it.  That has been the focus of the Grean government in its time away from the sea.  A focus designed to distract the Gree from the problems that exist in the nation.  Such is the way of the government.


The republic, despite its problems, is still one of the most integrated nations on Habololy.  Their level of both technology and magic is unmatched.  The Grean knowledge of elementals is far beyond any other civilization’s knowledge.  Their ships, while not as numerous as they once were, are still the most dangerous ones that sail the seas.  Their cities, while cramped and dark, are clean and advanced.  Travel is safe and spells and clickers are commonplace.  Unlike most of the races and nations of Habololy, the Gree of the republic do not fear technology.  Many do not even know that the War of Technology was as horrific and devastating as it was.  Such is the way of the government.


The ruling bureaucracy of the republic is so massive that to define or describe it takes up as entire library in the capital Beasetta.  The only well known administrators are the Tri-Ministers, who are the highest ranking bureaucrats in the government.  These three are considered the saviors of the republic, as every Tri-Minister has been.  The only mistakes that are every made by the government are made by lower ranking officials who are quickly disciplined.  Such is the way of the government.


There have always been some Gree who recognize that the government is not all that it claims to be.  For most of the republic’s history, they have been easy to silence and push to the side by the strong arm of the government and the military.  Since the downfall of the navy several centuries ago, this oppression has become more and more difficult for the government to continue.  There are several groups that have managed to survive in the darkest corners and under the deepest cover that resist the government.  They are few and far between, but they exist.  The government recognizes this, although they do not allow it to become public knowledge.  To try and keep attention away from these groups as they look to dispose of them, the government has thrown all its effort behind rebuilding the navy.  A return to naval dominance could revitalize the government and the nation




Arcon (Gr LE No14), the oldest of the Tri-Ministers.  He has been in place for more than seventy years.  He is the first of the three ministers.


Arco (Gr LE No12), the youngest of the Tri-Ministers.  A student of Arcon’s.  He is the third of the three.  Arco is known to follow every lead and idea of his teacher.  His temper is also well known.


Garact (Gr LN Fi3/No10), the second of the Tri-Ministers.  Once a warrior in the military.  He was almost killed in a battle with the dwarves.  After his injury, he retired from the military and quickly rose in the ranks of the bureaucracy.  Garact rose to the rank of Tri-Minister faster than any Gree in history.  He is only forty-six years of age.  Garact is quiet for a minister.


Petric-Gar Chelthin (Gr LE Cl(Gr)16), the high priest of Gruweas and minister of the temple of Beasetta.  An ardent supporter of the government.  He has traveled to many other temples of Gruweas to gain support for the republic.  Petric-Gar is known to be vicious to those who oppose the republic.


Taer’Mukine (Gr TNg Ra5/Ro5), the leader of Aer-Gree, a group sponsored by the nation of Rosetree looking to reveal the truth of the republic to the Gree.  Like many of Aer-Gree, he has adopted a pseudo-elven name.  The group works out of the few wilderness areas left in the republic.  They have existed for two centuries, and are just now beginning to make some headway.


“Sassinct” (Gr TNe Ro8/CL7), the head of the underground.  A shadowy figure that is known by the name of Sassinct, which means, “shadow demon” in Grean.  His existence is truth according to the government.  He is the source of all the nation’s problems.  Those that oppose the government claim that “Sassinct” is a fable to draw attention away from the government’s problems.


                No civilized land is as poorly known as that of the Grean Republic.  While their roads are the stuff of wonder, it is a high crime to leave those granite marvels.  Many good-faring pathfinders have met their end in a Grean prison, and for merely doing what the deities have intended for us.

                What can be said is this…Forests dominate the land.  Lakes are common, but mostly too far from the road for anyone to safely stray.  To the east, there are hundreds of rocky islands.  So close and numerous are these islands, that lore tells of a time when they were hills with no water separating them.

            The cities are huge sprawls.  Endless streets, in near perfect order, are easy to follow.  Each road has a marker giving distance to the next town.  It is a dismal place; I suggest you never go there.

Grean – “Everyone continues to hammer their nail into the wall.”

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