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Founded: 2222 BC

Capital:  The Palace of Trees

Population:  1,850,000 (75% elves, 15% Gremlins, 8% human, 2% half-elf)

Government:   Monarchy

Ruler: King Valynae Jungletree

Major Religions:  Treetop, Tommimao, Arsur’anyodel

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  Kingdom of Yellowia, Undrile

Enemy Nations:  Kendall


Size:  190,000

Climate:  Tropical 

Major Terrain:  Heavy & Medium Jungles

Subsistence:  Hunting/Gathering, Forestry

                Secondary:  Fishing, Light Agriculture


Magic Level:  Average

Technology Level:  Low

Trade Level:  Average

                Exports:  Fruits

                Imports:  Metal, Stone

Coin:  Yellowian currency


National Feats:  Frontiersman, Near to Monsters


Major Cities:         Northgate (35,000)

                                 The Palace of Trees (16,000)

                                 Westwatch (14,000)


The Kingdom of the Jungletree is one of the oldest and longest-lived nations in Habololy’s history.  It started off as a few wandering families of elves looking for a new home.  They formed a small kingdom deep in the eastern jungles that has held a royal line for three millennia.  Although the size of the kingdom has varied over those years, the beliefs and desires of its people have remained the same.


For many centuries, Jungletree sustained itself.  The elves remained in their jungle and were not bothered by any of the major wars that engulfed the rest of the continent.  It was not until the Kingdom of Yellowia arose that things changed.  The fledgling nation at first traded with the elves of Jungletree, and then convinced them that to protect their way of life, the elves should join the Kingdom of Yellowia as a protectorate.  The elves agreed to do so, but kept their own monarchs on the throne.


The arrangement was fine until the Umanin family took the throne of Yellowia and betrayed the elves, killing thousands in “The Elven Slaughter”.  For a century, the elves and some human allies attempted to place another family in power.  They finally succeeded, and the elven kingdom once again became of protectorate of the Kingdom of Yellowia.  The second era as a protectorate did not last as long.  The elves began to become wary of changes they saw in the ideals of their host nation.  The elven king decided that it was time to split from the Kingdom of Yellowia.  After a short war, the elves became an independent nation.


Since the end of the war for independence with the Kingdom of Yellowia, the elves have restored a civil relationship.  This is especially true with the installation of Yellowia’s newest royal line, the Padwell family.  Jungletree has also played host to thousands of gremlin refugees who fled their home jungle after the death of Gremdelivian, one of the deities that the gremlins worshiped.  These gremlins traveled across the main continent to find a new home in the eastern jungles.


Jungletree is a nation with no defined borders.  The elves claim the entire jungle as the border for other nations, but do not lay claim to all of it.  They allow gremlins and humans to live in the elven cities, but will not allow them to build cities of their own in the jungle.  They trade with every nation and city to which they can walk before fruit spoils.  They still have strong ties to the Kingdom of Yellowia, and a strong hatred for any Umanin.  Few other nations even consider Jungletree.  The elves are not xenophobic, but have little need or desire to go far from the jungle they call home.


The present king, Valynae, has called for the building of the first elven city not in the jungle.  It is a port on the eastern shores that the elves have aptly named Eastport.  The construction of the city is slow, as the jungle elves have little experience in building outside of the jungle.



Valynae Jungletree (elf,j NG Ra4/No6), the king.  Valynae is an only child, and he succeeded his father at a young age.  His ambition is to build a better kingdom in the three or so centuries he will rule.  This can be partially done by better integrating the gremlins into a useful role in elven society, a mission even most optimistic jungle elves fear can’t succeed. He has not yet married, but is always on the prowl for a wife.


Myralees Jungletree (elf,j CG Cl(Trt)11/AG10), the high priestess of Treetop and Elven Guard.  She is the first cousin of Valynae, but older by one hundred and fifty years.  She lives in the Palace of Trees, and attends all of the duties of a high priestess happily.  Myralees looks after her nation, making sure that her cousin never oversteps his boundaries.


Aani’Til Shavissa (elf,j CG Ra5/Be4/OoSB9), the head of the Order of the Sunlight Below.  Aani’Til personally trains every member.  He cannot be found unless he wants to be.  He obeys only the instructions of his calling.  The elves fear him almost as much as the target of his fury, the Drow elves.


Trix Topshot (elf,j CNg Ra3/Ba5/Trw9), an amusing elven warrior who has become known for his entertaining skills, and unrivaled ability.  He travels the jungle and elsewhere demonstrating his talents as an archer and Treewalker.  He has been performing for nearly a century.


The jungles of the elves are a great challenge for any pathfinder. Hundreds of miles wide and long, one could walk a lifetime and never mark every path. Colors of every sort can be found. Animals that appear no where else. Go any enjoy the wonders of the jungles.


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