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The Kingdom of Icefia


Founded:  206 AC / pre-7

Capital:  Messada

Population:  1,930,000 (85% human, 8% gnome, 4% elf, 1% Halfling, 2% other)

Government:   Monarchy

Ruler:  King Darson Gemblade

Major Religions:  Stasis, Habastly

Active Cults:  Cult of Hemator

Allied Nations:  Gnarland, Rosetree

Enemy Nations:  Scaled Kingdom, Amatom


Size:  440,000

Climate:  Temperate

Major Terrain:  Light and Medium Forest, Scrub/Brush, Glacier

Subsistence:  Hunting/Gathering, Forestry, Whaling

                Secondary:  Light Agriculture, Fishing


National Feats:  College Educated, Frontiersman, Near to Monsters, Raised in War


Magic Level:  High

Technology Level:  High 

Trade Level:  High

                Exports:  Timber, Whale Parts

                Imports:  Metal

Coin:  Silver Crown, Gold Crown, Platinum Crown


Major Cities:      Cape Tolya (193,000)

                                 Colneye (175,000)

                                 Messada (131,000)

                                 Port Phiam (119,000)

                                 Tripsea (79,000)

                                 Mount Oneash (40,000)

                                 Port Pinceer (37,600)

                                 Sabratoon (32,400)

                                 Degalas (23,500)

                                 Fallingleaf (18,200)

                         Fraullope and the Northern Mining Town (2,100)


The kingdom of Icefia has been a staunch defender of the world since its founding by the mortal Stasis Gemblade.  He created a nation of hearty peoples from a dozen cities that had never been able to create a lasting alliance.  It was based on honor and law, but held compassion and equality in high regard.  It grew in strength and became the most powerful nation in the world by post-77.  It ruled over much of the continent of Icefia, all of the islands of the ocean, and part of Ekarude.  The kingdom stood firm for three centuries until, in its complacency, it fell victim to the Day of Falling Death in post-312.  Since then, the kingdom has lost many of its holdings, including the western most reaches of the Icefian continent to the elves’ Scaled Kingdom.  Although it still wields a great deal of military power, the kingdom is not the world-ruling nation it once was.


The kingdom is made up of five lesser realms; there were once ten, each ruled by a monarch.  The high king rules above those monarchs from Castle Gemblade, which lies north of the city of Messada.  Each lesser monarch has a great deal of power, but cannot challenge the high king’s decisions.  There are a few nobles, who mainly live in the cities.  They wield little power, but are wealthy.  Peasants are free to bring complaints and problems to their monarch, and are often legitimately heard.


The laws are strict and thoroughly enforced.  The military is a strong presence in the land, but the cities have many constables to enforce the laws.  Both are made up of those who choose to join.  The Knights of the White Sword are an order devoted to the protection of the people.  They are connected to neither the military nor the constables.


Other nations see the kingdom as a fallen giant that will not die.  Some act to stop the descent, others try and hasten it.  All recognize that the kingdom still has a fight left in it, and would not foolishly act to anger it.


The Kingdom of Icefia always looks to aid other nations who are fighting against what is perceived to be evil, even if not asked.  The kingdom stills holds to the old ideal that it is the defender of the world.  It will not talk or trade with nations that abide slavery, piracy, or repression.


A decade ago, the kingdom tried to take back the lands won by the elves 65 years ago, in a war known as the Wyvern Crusade.  The king was defeated and lost his brother in the war.  He is aging and wants another opportunity to win back the lands of western Icefia.  All of the kingdom’s resources are being put towards building up another attack.  Since the war, the Knights of the White Sword have been increasingly looked down upon.  They failed to win the war ten years ago, and the people have not forgotten.  There are fewer initiates and fewer welcome homes.  To increase the supply of metals and gems, the king has reopened the dangerous northern mines.  Although scholars warned against it, the merchants pushed for the reopening.  In a different tact, the king has sent new expeditions north to the arctic cap in search of new inhabitable lands.


Notable Personalities:


Darson Gemblade (hm LG Fi11/Cv10), a somber 42-year old king.  His efforts are focused on regaining the land from the elves.  He is detached from most other issues.


Irene Degalas Gemblade (hm LG No6/Fi5), the widow of the king’s brother.  She is the queen of the westernmost realm of the kingdom.  She is the main opponent to the king’s new war effort.  She is considered to be the most attractive woman in Icefia.


Howard Crystalsmyth (hm LN No12), the king’s castilian.  He has taken over most of the king’s other duties of state.  He is practical and liked by most of the nobles.


Martine Vanyar.


Michael Steelsmyth (hm LG Cl8), the high priest of Stasis.  He lost his brother, the former high priest, to the Wyvern Crusade.  He supports the king, but is fearful another war may have horrific results.  He is one of the few supporters of the knights.


Tom Magikowner.


                The Kingdom of Icefia was once the playground of the pathfinders.  Virgin forests, untracked rivers, undefined borders, high mountains, and a massive coastline.  While the features remain the same, the need for the pathfinder has diminished.

                A well made and complete set of roads stretch from east to west and north to south.  The rivers and coastlines are well described.  The mountains have been climbed, the forests breeched.  The wilderness is pushed far to the west and the north.  If not for the advent of the Scaled Kingdom in what used to be western Icefia, I dare say the kingdom would have no need for us.

                Despite all of those facts, Icefia is a magnificent place to visit.  A nation where winter comes hard and strong has produced a landscape that must hold firm against it.  A glacier slowly moves across the center of the land.  A dormant volcano is home to a clan of dwarves not far from the capital.  Each king and queen has built a castle which is a site to behold.

            The kingdom of Icefia is a nice place for a pathfinder to visit, but I wouldn’t want to spend my life there.

Icefian – “A full cabin is worth an empty castle.”

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