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Habololy Main 



Founded:   604 AC / post-391

Capital:  New Mevil

Population:  1,600,000 (95% humans, 5% other)

Government:  Theocratic Republic

Ruler:  Emporer Garrett Quissaire

Major Religions:  Gruwees, Sutyr, Han~Sui

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  Hertoplowis  

Enemy Nations:  Destroytian Republic, Pacyr, Baenrl


Size:  260,000 

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain: Light & Medium Forest

Subsistence:  Hunting/Gathering

                Secondary:  Mining, Light Agriculture, Fishing


National Feats:  Noble Tradition, Slavery Survivor


Magic Level:  Very High

Technology Level:  Average

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Coal, Iron

                Imports:  Grains, Livestock

Coin:  Copper Regent, Silver Regent, Gold Regent, Platinum Regent


Major Cities:         Cadullon (215,000)

                                 New Mevil (190,000)

                                 Pitt (180,000)

                                 Port Draeydan (155,000)

                                 Galistar (95,000)


The true heir to the mighty Dedestroytian Empire, Thalmeret is a nation of ancient traditions.  The Dedestroytian Empire existed for more than fifteen hundred years.  At its height, it covered more land than any other human nation had ever ruled.  No invader pierced the Destroytian peninsula that made up the majority of the empire.  Their laws were based on ancient traditions and centered on the different roles assigned to men and women.  The empire finally crumbled after a civil war broke the nation in two.  Those who sought reform fought against those who would have the ancient traditions upheld.  With the aid of the Orcish Empire, the reformers won and soon after declared that the empire was no more.  A republic was formed.  Despite the reforms, many traditionalists still supported the old ways.  They waited for a time to take back their empire.


After several attempts, and hundreds of years, the traditionalists were able to defeat the republic.  Although their victory was not complete, they were able to secure nearly half of the republic’s lands.  The traditionalists immediately formed a new nation, based on the Dedestroytian Empire of old.  They called their nation Thalmeret.  In the time since its founding, Thalmeret has made several attempts to finish the republic.  However, the two nations are evenly matched, and neither side has gained much.  They have even been forced to unite against greater threats, such as the invasion of the Fire Giants from Baenrl.


With little movement in their war with the republic, Thalmeret looked elsewhere for allies to turn the tide.  Hertoplowis, another bastion for law, tradition, and the ways of the Counsil, was glad to have an ally.  The two nations have signed many treaties are among the closest of allies that can be found on Habololy.  With allies also come enemies.  The nation of Pacyr, which has long been hated by Hertoplowis, quickly became the enemy of Thalmeret.  Thalmeret and Hertoplowis have nearly cut off Pacyr from all the other nations.  With such an ally as they have found, Thalmeret has done little to investigate trade with other nations.


Life in Thalmeret is extremely different for different people.  There is a different system of law for several groups.  Males and females have different laws, as well as slaves and free men.  The slaves have only one right, which is they are not to be abused by their owner.  Unfortunately for the slaves, the term abuse can be interpreted in many different ways.  Male and females have an equal number of different laws.  Honor, justice, respect, and truth bind both in different forms.  Males are the warriors, laborers, politicians, clerics, wizards, hunters, farmers, and crafters of heavy materials.  Females are the cooks, teachers, child bearers, and the crafters of light materials.  These positions are not only a matter of tradition, but also a matter of law.  Females enjoy the luxury of being protected by the Laws of Decency.  A man that slaps a woman, who has not broken the law, is considered to have broken a Law of Decency.  The same would not be true if a woman slapped a man.  Many of the Laws of Decency are considered common courtesy in other nations, but in Thalmeret, they are a point of law.




Garrett Quissaire (hm LN No12), the emperor.  Having been in power for just over a decade, Garrett is constantly pushing the limits of his power.  He has enacted new laws and pressed for military action and new alliances with Hertoplowis and other nations.  He speaks out against the Destroytian Republic at every opportunity.


Garott Helms (hm LN Fi9/Cl(HS)4/Inq8), the Master of Arms and a general in the military.  Garott wields the Inquisition (see page 220), an artifact weapon designed to defeat the cults.  He is known to be one of Habololy’s strongest humans.  He favors every effort to take the army into other nations so that the cults might be sought out and destroyed.


Jemmond (hm NNe No5/Cl(cnl)4/Ro3), the Emmissary.  Jemmond is the voice of the deities in affairs of state.  He has the final say on whether any action will be blessed or sanctioned by the Counsil.  Jemmond is a harsh and unfriendly man.



  On the southern and eastern side of the Dedestroytian Peninsula, the nation of Thalmeret has won for itself the harder side of the peninsula. Endless hills, often devoid of trees, roll from the entrance to the peninsula to the east to the middle of the nation. At the entrance is stationed the most formidable fortress city I have ever seen. Cadullon is a site to behold if you have any interest in castles, architecture, history, or stonework.
                    The other cities of Thalmeret have a hint of past glory, but have long since faded. Only the government and the religions have fine structures, and it is only they who live well. The people are fed a constant diet of religious lies, which seem to keep them happy.
                    The lands are filled to the brim with farm land. Every arable acre is plowed. Despite their lack of food stuffs, the nation makes up for it with plenty of mines. Outside of the String Mountains, you are hard-pressed to find a nation with more mines. If you can make it into them, they are a treasure, literally, to explore.

Thalmeret – “A woman’s head cannot wear a helmet.”


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