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Habololy Main 

The Dwarven Kingdom


Founded:  1797 BC

Capital:  Kingmount

Population:  1,500,000 (95% dwarves, 3% human, 2% other)

Government:   Monarchy

Ruler:  King Thron Premit Highmountain

Major Religions:  Smofarf, Everentual

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  Gnarland  

Enemy Nations:  Nomagrok, Grean Republic, The Kingdom of Frost


Size:  190,000

Climate:  Sub-Arctic 

Major Terrain:  Mountains

Subsistence:  Mining

                Secondary:  Light Agriculture, Grazing/Herding


National Feats:  Crafting Tradition, Living with the Arcane, Touch of the Arcane


Magic Level:  Very High

Technology Level:  Average

Trade Level:  Average

                Exports:  Arcana, Minerals, Stone

                Imports:  Fruits, Leather

Coin:  Copper Crown, Silver Crown, Gold Crown, Platinum Crown


Major Cities:        Port Springs (445,000)

                                 Kingmount (334,000)

                                 Vaultmur (125,000)

                                 Barconrall (82,000)


The Kingdom of the Dwarves, the Kingdom of the String Mountains, the Kingdom of Smofarf; all of these refer to the same place.  Founded over 2500 years ago, the dwarven realm has been ruled by a king of the Highmountain clan for that entire time.  They have survived wars with the Gree, the Vishtoo, the Frost Giants, and Nomagrok. The kingdom has withstood the loss of two of its largest clans: the Sledgehammer and the Frozensky.  It has changed a great deal since its foundation, but is roughly the same size that it was when it was founded, although there are significantly more dwarves in it.


The dwarves of the kingdom do vary from clan to clan, but all have several things in common.  They all share a respect, if not a love, for spellcraft.  Every dwarf is taught about the importance of understanding magic.  All of the dwarves share a hatred for the Vishtoo and the Gree, who have many times tried to invade the mountains.  None of them trust the Frost Giants, their one-time allies that have now allied with Nomagrok and Clan Sledgehammer.  Every dwarf has a devotion to some craft, and usually spends his or her life trying to perfect that craft.  It is there that the clans disagree, albeit not to the extent of violence.


Each clan specializes in one or two crafts, although every clan has members that can perform each craft.  Clan Highmountain is the royal clan and practice the art of debate, discussion, and diplomacy.  Clan Mountainmagic is the clan of the clergy.  Most high clerics of Smofarf come from this clan, as well as clerics of any deity worshiped in the mountains.  Clan Granitebreaker are the great weaponsmiths and armorers of the kingdom.  Clan Lightningrock and Clan Blazingem compete over mastery of magic.  Clan Blackbattle, the most distrusted of the clans, specializes in the arts of espionage, trickery, deceit, and locksmithing.  The largest of the clans is Clan Stonespell.  While they lay no claim on being the best at any one craft, they have skilled crafters in all crafts.


The clans function very well together, with the possible exception of Clan Blackbattle.  But the king pays close attention to this, for he does not want to lose a third clan, as the kingdom lost the Sledgehammer and Frozensky clans in the past.  Every attempt is made to keep the Blackbattle clan on good terms with the others.


The kingdom has many enemies, and is constantly aware that an attack could come.  Dwarven cities are built into the sides of mountains and stretch deep into them.



Thron Premit Highmountain (dw,st NG No7/Fi6), the king of the String Mountains.  Thron is an ancient dwarf who is pushing his fourth century.  He concentrates most of his efforts on dealing with Nomagrok and the cult of Drunnbar. 


Hothmur Mountainmagic (dw,st NG Cl(Sm)7/Wz7/MT7), the high priest of Smofarf.  In only his third decade as high priest, Hothmur has the ear of the king.  Much like the king, he will do whatever it takes to eliminate Clan Sledgehammer. 


Vaulni Blazingem (dw,st CG Wz(in)13/BoBM8), the eldest brother of the Brotherhood of Blast Mountain.  Vaulni constantly tests his skills against other brothers in mock duels.  He always proclaims the need to be ready at a moments notice for battle.  Many say that he travels to all parts of Habololy to test his skill against creatures.  He has studied in the schools of Thynkizland, and visited the Bardic College of Yellowia.


                 The String Mountains are an endless source of adventure and excitement for every aspiring pathfinder.  There are two main roads which run east to west through the mountains.  The roads go from Port Springs on the western tip all the way to the eastern border with the Grean Republic.  Although I will rarely suggest the path most taken, it is a wonder to walk through the majesty of the mountains and marvel at the millennia old roads that twist and turn, making stops at every possible dwarven hamlet, thorp, and town.

            Once the roads have been traveled, there is oh so much more to be seen.  Hidden lakes and vales are countless in the range.  Small dwarven settlements that donít see outsiders but once a year are nestled away to be hunted down and found.  Strange animals, like the Great String Mountain Condor are waiting to be seen.  The lands of the kingdom are truly a blessing from Tommimao.


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