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Habololy Main 

The Frozensky Clandom


Founded:  349 AC / post-136

Capital:  none

Population:  650,000 (95% dwarves, 5% other)

Government:   Oligarchy

Ruler:  The Counsil of Thanes

Major Religions:  Treetop, Smofarf

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  Rosetree, Barbarian and Sakor’akai tribes    

Enemy Nations:  Grean Republic, The Kingdom of Frost 


Size:  77,500 (The clans only use as much land as necessary, they are not connected)

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Medium Forest, Foothills

Subsistence:  Hunting/Gathering, Forestry

                Secondary:  Light Agriculture


National Feats:  Frontiersman, Near to Monsters, Ranger Tradition


Magic Level:  Low

Technology Level:  Low 

Trade Level:  High

                Exports:  Furs, Wool, Timber

                Imports:  Metals, Gems, Fruits

Coin: Dwarven Currency


Major Cities:  none


For much of their history, the Frozensky clan was part of the String Mountain monarchy.  Like all of the other clans, the Frozensky clan had their own monarch, who paid fealty to the high king of clan Highmountain.  Despite clan Frozensky’s natural tendency towards the wilderness and away from arcane magic, they were still able to live in harmony with the other clans of the kingdom.  As the centuries rolled on, the differences between clan Frozensky and many of the other clans became more pronounced.  The clan eventually moved completely out of the mountain homes that the other clans inhabited.  Despite the mandate against clan Sledgehammer and Drunnbar, the Frozensky clan still traded, albeit sparsely, with them.  While many of the other clans were content to defend their mountain fortresses against their enemies: the Gree, the Frost giants, and the Vishtoo; Clan Frozensky looked to take the battle to their enemies.


In 349 AC, Clan Frozensky decided that they had had enough.  They declared that they would no longer pay tribute to the king of the mountains.  Feeling that the traitors would not be able to survive without the magical expertise and support of the kingdom, the king of the mountains allowed Clan Frozensky to leave the kingdom.  His only mandate against them was that they could not trade with the kingdom.  Clan Frozensky proved to be stronger than the king expected, and survived despite the embargo.  The new nation traded prolifically with the Sakor’akais and barbarians that lived in the forests.  After three centuries of the embargo, a new mountain king lifted the mandate and tried to negotiate the Frozensky clan back into the kingdom.  His attempt was met with the laughter of Clan Frozensky.  Shortly after, the Clandom was officially recognized as a nation by the king of the mountains.


The Clandom is a collection of nearly one hundred towns and cities populated mainly by dwarves, but including Sakor’akais and barbarians.  The most skilled warrior, who gains control by defeating the prior leader, leads each town or city.  Usually, the leader is called the thane.  In some cases, a thane will become so well respected or liked that dwarves who are more skilled warriors will not make a challenge.  It is rare that a non-dwarf will be a thane, but not unheard of.  Females make up about one-tenth of the thanes.  The thanes meet once every other year in a location picked by their religious leader, the Bear Guard of Treetop, who oversees the meeting.  Emergency meetings are held in times of war or disaster.


Since the Clandom does not lay claim to any land except that which its towns, cities, and farms occupy, there are both Sakor’akai and barbarian settlements that are in close proximity.  These settlements either get along with the dwarves, or move far enough away from them to not be bothered.  The Clandom is very willing to deal with other nations, and have made many trips to other nations, with some success.  They are on excellent terms with Rosetree Kingdom, and have a trade agreement with the Kingdom of Icefia.

On the other end, the dwarves hate their enemies.  The thanes make constant incursions into the Grean Republic, and Frost Giant hunts are not uncommon.  Although they despise the Vishtoo as well, they are not so foolish as to venture into the Badlands.


Since their departure from the String Mountain Kingdom, Clan Frozensky has become more and more self-sufficient.  They still trade for gems and ore, but try to avoid trading for much else with their cousins.  When they are able to, the Clandom trades with Nomagrok.  This is difficult because the kingdom blocks the trade routes, not wanting anyone to trade with Nomagrok.  Despite these difficulties, the dwarves of the Clandom are usually well fed and not in desperate need for anything.


Life for a dwarf of Clan Frozensky is based around survival and making Habololy a better place for his or her family and friends.  Usually this falls into line with the religion of Treetop, or one of the other good deities.  Although there are no large cult presences in the Clandom, they do not persecute the ones that are there, as long as they are not evil.  The final say in any matter, however, is the word of a settlement’s thane, which is paramount to law.  To change the law, one must change the thane.


Over the past decade, the Clandom has built two port towns in hopes of drawing more trade from across the sea.  They are the only towns that are run by dwarves appointed by the other thanes.  With these new towns came the first shipyard.  Unfortunately, the dwarves have no experience in shipbuilding, and they have not built anything that can cross the sea safely.




Lurtur Bearback (dw,f CG Fi6/Ra5/BR6), the thane of Lurtur and the Grand Master of the Bear Cavalry.  This two hundred plus year old dwarf has long since retired from the cavalry, although he still trains others and is consulted on all matters.  He is the thane of a small town and has never been challenged out of respect for his deeds.


Tfeed Snakepath (dw,f CG Ra4/Cl(Tmm)3/Ptf8), the nation’s official pathfinder.  Tfeed travels the wilderness searching for better trails and ensuring that old ones are still safe.  He has never sought to become a thane.  Like many pathfinders, Tfeed talks about one day traveling the world in search of new trails. 


Felma Giantfell (dw,f CG Be9/GK9), the thane of Felma and the greatest giant slayer of the century.  Felma is the thane of one of the northern most towns in the Clandom.  Many believe she wants Frost giants to attack her town so that she can add to her impressive mark of 90 slain giants.  She has been challenged and has defeated a dozen male dwarves for control of her town, which is one of the wealthiest mining towns in the Clandom.  Felma has accomplished a great deal in only 120 years.  She is also known for her light blonde hair and beard.


Bearse Frozensky (dw,f CG Cl(Tr)7/Ra6/AG9), the Animal Guard of Bears, the religious leader of the Clandom, and the thane of Bearse.  Bearse, most do not believe that is his given name, has been the religious leader and Bear Guard for nearly a century.  He is respected and loved by all of Clan Frozensky.  He companion is a legendary cave bear named Omigodisdabigisbarivevrsyne, who is over thirty feet long and is unweighable.  Legends say that his bear is over one thousand years old. 


The Clandom features thick forests and rolling hills, which are covered in thick forests. While this may seem to tickle your fancy, be warned; the Frozensky dwarves have marked the paths so well, it would be more difficult for you to get lost than find your way to a town. Go for the plants and animals, go for the company and the brew, but do not go for the adventure of exploration.

Frozensky – “The game ends when the bear lies still.”


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