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The Orcish Empire


Founded:  2214 BC

Capital:  Melg

Population:  4,500,000 (95% Orc, 4% human, 1% other)

Government:   Autocracy

Ruler:  Marrot Cougustine II

Major Religions:  The Oldest Orc, Han~Sui

Active Cults:  Cult of Drunnbar

Allied Nations:  Lynkeed

Enemy Nations:  Borkondof


Size:  440,000

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Scrub/Brush, Barren, Light Forest

Subsistence:  Grazing/Herding

                Secondary:  Light Agriculture, Hunting/Gathering


National Feats:  Born for the Saddle, Raised in War, Weapon Master Trained


Magic Level:  Low

Technology Level:  Average 

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Salt, Coal

                Imports:  Grains, Clothing

Coin: Copper Fang, Silver Fang, Gold Fang


Major Cities:       Melg (305,000)

                                 Nestonitop (210,000)

                                 Aquaehar (144,000)

                                 Lépcsőfok (125,000)

                                 Varos'Szakáll (92,000)

                                 Kordom (71,000)

                                 Bel’Vad (55,000)


The Orcish Empire has existed for over three millennia.  In that time, it has changed surprising little.  The institutions and beliefs that guided the Orcs three thousand years ago, still guide them today.  Their nation has always been governed by an Emperor and rooted in the faith of The Oldest Orc.  The empire has grown in power and then waned in power time and again, but even the centuries long occupation by their hated foe the Amatin gnomes, could not destroy them.  The empire at times has extended from one shore of the main continent to the other.  At other times it has been barely large enough to sustain a quarter of a million Orcs.


The empire proclaims the teachings of the deities of the Counsil, and although they revere the Oldest Orc prominently, they believe that most members of the Counsil have their place in the world.  The cities and towns of the Orcish Empire are microcosms of the Counsil at work.  Temples of Dedestroyt administer to the dead.  Clerics of Treetop look after the animals, and clerics of Habastly look over the crops.  Of all of the deities of the Counsil, only Lakius and Lavash’Ki are not venerated in any way.  The orcs hatred of water is simply too strong.


Much of the life of an average orc is very structured.  The empire and tradition dictate the method in which any particular orc is raised and trained, but exceptions due occur.  Females are given the tasks of farming, tending to the homes, and lighter crafts such as sewing.  The males are teachers, clerics, warriors, and heavy crafters such as builders.  Other races are welcome to live in the empire as long as they closely adhere to the laws and are willing to put up with being in the vast minority.  Life is hard, but it is generally good and safe in the Orcish Empire.


The nations of the other continents care little for the orcs, who have never crossed any water body larger than a lake to wage war.  The orcs have never even built a large port from which to trade with nations across the sea.  The nations that are on the main continent have a much different feel for the empire.  Every child that has any knowledge of history knows that the orcs once ruled the known world.  Most teach that if the orcs had the chance; they would conquer the main continent again.  Most nations are content to allow the slumbering giant to stay behind the great wall which protects the Orcish Empire.  The Kingdom of Yellowia is the only major nation that trades with the orcs, more out of a long tradition of trade than any real need for it.


The rock in the boot of every orcish warrior is the nation of Borkondof.  Many times have the two nations gone to war in the past five hundred years, but never has either side been able to claim true victory.  The orcs would like nothing better than to destroy Borkondof and claim the land for themselves.  It is the knowledge of the horrible wars that the two have already fought that stays their legions.




Marrot Cougustine II (orc LNg No5/Fi6), the emperor.  He is approaching his fiftieth year of life, and his twelfth year of rule.  Marrot is a great orator, but has little interest in a war.  He has led the empire to increased prosperity and trade since he has come into power.


Lukius Veratius (orc NNg Cl(OO)15), the high priest of The Oldest Orc.  Lukius is over seventy years old.  He is primarily concerned with the faith of the empire in the Counsil.  He speaks on little else.


Furian Orrasian (orc LG Fi8/SS10), a high ranking orcish military officer and the second place finisher in the last Suian Competition.  Furian has followed a traditional orcish path.  After losing in the Suian Competition at the age of twenty-two, he has retired from competition to train other orcish warriors.  He is the grand master of the Hekuta.  Although he is not the largest orc, his reputation for strength is unprecedented.  Tales say that he snaps giants’ bones with his bare hands.


I will say little about the barren lands of the Orcish Empire. They have been traveled and marked again and again. Nothing is hidden on the flat endless plains. Little lives in the canyons. The forests in the north are thin and have less color than any I have ever seen. While the coast is a tempting offering, the orcs allow no one to linger there. Do not waste your time, and possibly your life, visiting the empire of the orcs.


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