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The Scaled Kingdom


Founded:  705 AC / post-492

Capital:  Valleyhope

Population:  730,000 (50% elf, 45% humans, 5% other)

Government:   Militocracy

Ruler:  Syniose Etch

Major Religions:  Compture

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  none

Enemy Nations:  Kingdom of Icefia, Rosetree


Size:  110,000

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Medium Forest, Heavy Forest

Subsistence:  Forestry, Hunting/Gathering

                Secondary:  Fishing, Light Agriculture


National Feats:  Raised in War, Weapon Master Trained


Magic Level:  High

Technology Level:  High 

Trade Level:  Low

                Exports:  Wine, Perfume

                Imports:  Metals

Coin: Icefian Currency


Major Cities:        Dethembrais (238,000)

                                 Valleyhope (170,000)

                                 Westlyn (96,000)


It was not long ago that the lands of the Scaled Kingdom belonged to the Kingdom of Icefia.  After a decade of failed negotiations, the elves of western Icefia declared that they would rule themselves.  They proceeded to win their freedom and have been a nation unto themselves for seventy-five years.  In that time, the Kingdom of Icefia has made several attempts, both overt and covert, to regain the lost lands.  The Scaled Elves have not only managed to resist the takeover, but have gained even more land.


Long before the Kingdom of Icefia laid claim to the lands of western Icefia, the elves lived under the control of a powerful lich.  For centuries the elves were his slaves. Generations of elves knew nothing of freedom.  In the beginning of the second century AC, the elves were freed from the lich by the Kingdom of Icefia and its founder, Stasis.  The elves were allowed to do as they pleased after being freed, and many chose to become citizens of the new kingdom.  It took centuries for the elves to undo the habits of slavery and oppression.  The final step came when they were able to declare that no other nation ruled the Scaled Elves, but instead that they ruled themselves.


The nation that the elves have created for themselves is unlike the other elven nations of the world.  The greatest elven warrior, who presides over a counsel of city and town leaders, rules it.  The counsel brings issues to meetings where they debate until the ruling elf has made a decision.  The counsel members may be of any race.  Every town or city that has a population of over one thousand is allowed a seat at the counsel.  The counsel usually numbers 200 members.


The nation is built around the desire of the elves to govern themselves.  The other races are content to live in a nation that is relatively safe and provides for its citizens.  There are few non-elves left that remember the days when the Kingdom of Icefia ruled the land.  The elves were smart enough to not drastically change the traditions and economy that had worked for so long.  Although the Scaled Kingdom has made no solid allies, they have made several trading agreements with other nations.  The elves of the nation are content with the lands they now control, but constantly wary of the Kingdom of Icefia looming in the east.


The leaders of the Scaled Kingdom do not look to emulate any other nation.  They seek novel and uniquely elven ways of governing.  They see most other nations as antiquated.  The Scaled Kingdom’s leaders hate any nation that allows slavery or oppression.  Elven memories have not forgotten their centuries of sadness under the control of the lich.  Although they respect the Kingdom of Icefia, they do not see why they will not allow the Scaled Kingdom to rule itself.


The Kingdoms of Icefia and Rosetree both see The Scaled Kingdom as a threat.  It is a rift in what could be the most powerful nation on the planet.  Other nations that dislike the Kingdom of Icefia have made efforts to ally with the Scaled Kingdom, seeing an opportunity to join forces against a common foe.  The Scaled Kingdom has yet to ally in anything more than trade with other nations.


The one element that nearly every nation has taken note of, whether that nation is friend or foe is the Order of the Wyvern, also known as the Scaletouched.  These elves develop an uncanny relation with the Wyverns they ride.  They are one of the most feared military groups on Habololy.  They won the Scaled Revolt, which freed the elves from the Kingdom of Icefia, with little other help.  They were integral in the defeat of the Wyvern Crusade a decade ago.  The knights of this order are held in the highest regard in the kingdom.  It is estimated that there are one thousand Scaletouched.


The people of the Scaled Kingdom are always ready for a war with the Kingdom of Icefia.  The counsel ensures that the nation remains in a state of readiness.  The military is the wealthiest and most respected profession.  Although preference is given to elves, skilled warriors of all races are accepted.  The people of the Scaled Kingdom are beginning to develop a sense of pride, especially after their defeat of the Kingdom of Icefia a decade ago.  Industries that were once absent from the kingdom, such as shipbuilding, are making their way into the cities.  Trade, which was difficult because of the Kingdom of Icefia’s embargo, is becoming more prolific.  The Scaled Kingdom appears to be a nation on the upswing.



Syniose Etch (elf,s TN Fi8/Bld10/Mo5), the leader of the Scaled Kingdom.  He has been the ruler for fifty years since he defeated the first ruler of the Scaled Kingdom.  Syniose is said to be over three hundred years old.  He is devoted to his nation.  When he was invited to the Suian competition, he declined for fear his nation would be attacked whilst he was away.  Many wanted to see him compete against the Kingdom of Icefia’s champion Martine Vanyar.  He is a calm and quiet elf, who is loved for his devotion.


Blakoraen Vone (elf,s LNe Ra6/Wz5/Sct8), the grand master of the Order of the Wyvern.  Known to despise the Kingdom of Icefia and the Knights of the White Sword.  He has advocated invasion.  Only his fierce obedience to Syniose has stopped a war from starting.  Blackoraen has been the grand master since the Wyvern Crusade ended a decade ago.  He rides Vipersbite, a green and purple wyvern whose bite is just as poisonous as its stinger.


                In the southwestern corner of the continent of Icefia is the Scaled Kingdom.  It is a small nation whose eastern and northern boundaries are not definite.  Forests of both leaf and thistle dominate the lands.  The Frabon River  flows from the north into the sea.  The river is fast-moving and hazardous to navigate in the winter and spring when ice flows are common.

            There are a many towns and homesteads in the forests of the Scaled Kingdom, but its true power lies in its cities.  Westlyn in the north is on the Frabon.  It has the harshest climate of any city not built by Ice Gnome hands.  Valleyhope is nestled near the center of the kingdom.  Hidden as well as it can be in the deep evergreen forest.  At the mouth of the river is Deathembrais, the only city that predates the kingdom.  The sun rarely peers through the clouds over Deathembrais.  Even cloudy, it is a wonder to see the half mile bridge over the Frabon.

Scaled Elven – “Every Wyvern misses a scale.”

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