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List of Nations

Habololy Main 



Founded:   21 AC / pre-192

Capital:  D’Graine

Population:  1,900,000 (\)

Government:   Magocracy

Ruler:  Maximilon the Twin

Major Religions:  Smofarf, Falan

Active Cults:  none

Allied Nations:  none

Enemy Nations:  Nomagrok


Size:  50,000

Climate:  Temperate 

Major Terrain:  Grassland

Subsistence:  Grazing/Herding

                Secondary:  Fishing, Light Agriculture


National Feats:  College Educated, Living with the Arcane, Touch of the Arcane, Wizard Tradition


Magic Level:  Superior

Technology Level:  Average

Trade Level:  Good

                Exports:  Arcana

                Imports:  Metals, Gems

Coin: any


Major Cities:        D’Graine (315,000)

                                 Sailoswa (206,000)

                                 Bridgend (105,000)


The nation of Thynkizland has existed for seven centuries as a nation of wizards.  It was founded as a place for wizards to go to be at peace and to research, and not as a nation.  Its founders never wanted to become a world power, or to even have any non-wizards live there.  It did not take long for that dream to be squashed as colonists and explorers from around Habololy moved in on the island.  Luckily for those travelers, many of the wizards already on the island did not simply kill all those that arrived.  Instead, the wizards gathered together and decided to form a counsel of wizards to rule over the island.  After agreeing to the idea, the wizards next went about a way to ensure they could maintain power.  Their solution was to cut off magic to all of the island’s inhabitants that weren’t part of the wizards’ counsel.  It took ten years and the leadership of one of one of the greatest wizards in history to accomplish the feat.


Samual Mainger became the first Magus of Thynkizland by unanimous vote after he devised a way to cut off all arcane magic from the island.  The only beings able to use arcane magic were those in possession of an arcane ring, an item also designed by Samual.  The other inhabitants of the island either left or capitulated to the wizards, which was exactly the result the wizards had hoped for.  The nation slowly grew in population.  The restricted use of magic and the near dictatorship-like rule of the wizards kept many away.  Only other wizards that wanted to share in the power traveled to Thynkizland.  The nation began to trade its valuable arcana for anything that it needed. 


Although it possessed many of the most skilled wizards on Habololy, there were far too few people for any other nation to consider Thynkizland a threat.  They had never made any aggressive moves, nor taken an active role in any conflict.  After two centuries of existence, Thynkizland remained a bastion of learning and peace.  This changed during the Return of Amat when Magus Joseph Firebringer was killed.  Before the wizards could appoint another Magus, a Wild Caster named Bartholomew Crasix forcibly took the role.  Fearing the worst, nations sent their greatest heroes and agents to Thynkizland to stop him.  Even Stasis, a mortal at the time, went to kill Bartholomew, and failed.  The cult of Chaos and the wild casters were in control of Thynkizland for over a decade, which turned out to be enough time to corrupt the island.


Although Bartholomew and the cult of Chaos were purged from Thynkizland in 224 AC, their influence continued.  Every Magus that followed recognized that Thynkizland could be a force on Habololy.  Although they rarely went to war, the wizards loomed the threat of their action over the heads of those that they wanted to influence.  They came to rival the String Mountain Dwarves in mastery of arcane magic.  The Arcane Academy, which had once been free to all wizards, began to charge an exorbitant amount for lessons.  Sorcerers, a phenomenon that was recognized shortly after the Return of Amat, were persecuted and sometimes executed.  Thynkizland became a nation of the elite and the powerful.


The War of Technology was the first major threat to Thynkizland.  When it began, the wizards recognized the danger, and for the first time activity aided the other nations in a war.  The Tinkocracy made several attempts to destroy Thynkizland, but were never successful.  The wizards of Thynkizland, to eliminate all tinkers that posed a threat, founded the group known as Extinktion.  When the war ended, this group made every attempt to convince the other nations to outlaw tinkers.  In most cases, they were successful.


Today, Thynkizland continues to influence all of Habololy.  They hunt down active tinkers where they can.  They put pressure on every nation to eliminate Nomagrok.  They persecute the cults of Drunnbar and Chaos wherever they are found.  They control a quarter of Habololy’s arcane market.  The Arcane Academy is one of the finest in the world, and those who attend must pledge their loyalty to Thynkizland.




Cardell Svock (he TN Wi(Abj)20), the leader of Extinksion.  Cardell is the pre-eminent figure in the elimination of tinkers from Habololy.  He leads the infamous cadre of wizards that actively seeks out and kills tinkers that have left the Great Plateau.  He is an embittered middle-aged half-elf.  His life is filled with his quest against technology, but it does not appear to consume him.


Murrur Goldstone (dw,s LN Wi12/No4/Str4), the Magus.  Murrur is the first dwarven Magus.  He has been in power for thirty-three years.  He is still young and constantly talks of the great plans he has for Thynkizland.  He has an abundant hatred for the cult of Drunnbar.  He travels to meet with the rulers of other nations frequently.  Some of his opposition has begun to die off, and the longer he stays in power, the more powerful his position becomes.


Semp Dathonlal (hm TN Wi13/Sg10), the headmaster of the Arcane Academy.  An extremely aged man that claims to be over two hundred years old.  He has been headmaster for forty years.  Semp has the largest collection of known spells in the world, an honor that is always held by the headmaster of the Arcane Academy and by the most renowned sage.


Maximillon the Twin (hm TN Wi20/Arch3), the Magister.  The surviving member of twins that has been the magister for nearly five decades.  At one time, he was the dominant force in the nation, but since the appointment of Murrur and the death of his twin, Maximillon has diminished from the public eye.  His role now is more ceremonial and advisory.


The island of wizards is yet another place where pathfinders are frowned upon. The wizards claim that there is no need for our talents. They claim that magic answers all problems. Just to aggravate them, I suggest once going through their island. After all, it boasts forests, mountains, grasslands, inlets, streams, long beaches, hills, and even a small desert. Each terrain seems placed as if by some arcane plan. But nature cannot be controlled so easily. The desert has grown, from records I have seen, and the forests have crept on to the hills and into the grasslands.

Thynkizland – “To become a wizard, you must study in the tower.”


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