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Habololy Main 


Races of the Kingdom of Yellowia



Bugbears are well known in the kingdom.  Their homeland, Borkondof, is on the northwestern border.  While some do trade in the kingdom, and even live by the laws and customs; most are enemies.



The only dwarves that live in the Kingdom of Yellowia are the Crystal Dwarves, who live below the nation.  They are on good terms with most of the nobles and cities, and often trade with them.  It is much more common to see them in the winter, when the light of day is less dominant.  There are three noble Dwarven families, all of which are from the Crystal Dwarf line.



Elves have a long history in the Kingdom of Yellowia.  Its ranger traditions and strong followings of Treetop make it the most compatible non-elven founded nation of Habololy.


While the majority of the elves that call Yellowia home are jungle elves, there are also northern elves and some drow, who are more enemies than allies, but still present.


Although they are a distant second to humans, the elves are the second most numerous in the nobility in the nation.  There are over a dozen noble elven families, mainly in the south.



There are several small gnomish communities in the northern and western cities.  They are mainly crafters and merchants.  There are two noble gnomish families.



There are no Gree living in the kingdom.



The kingdom of Yellowia can lay claim to the largest population of Half-elves in the world.  Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of half-elves live in the nation.  They are treated as equals, in practice and law.  There are even two noble families that are predominantly half-elven.



Just as half-elves are treated equally under the law, so are half-orcs.  There are several hundred in the kingdom, and there are no noble families which are dominated by the breed.



Halflings live throughout the kingdom.  They are found in every city and on many farms.  Since the kingdom was founded, there has always been a Halfling presence in it.


The greatest numbers of Halflings live in the city of Palata, where fully a third of the city is Halfling.  There are four noble families of Halfling, three of which live in the city of Palata.



Humans make up the majority of the nation.  There is a significant barbarian presence in the south, where one family has even reached noble status.  There are also Umanin that live in some of the south western towns.



Two types of Lizardfolk live openly in the Kingdom of Yellowia.  The Vass and the Gatori live in similar numbers all along the rivers and coastline.  They have a tremendous rivalry, constantly competing to see which species is superior.


The kingdom is happy to have them, as long as their competition does not spill over into mass violence.  In that competition, the Gatori recently scored a major coup by having the first Lizardfolk noble appointed in the past five years.



There are no Nipits communities, but a several thousand live throughout the nation, mingled in with the other races.  There are no noble families of Nipits.



The orcs that live in the kingdom are for the most part concentrated in the northern lands, closest to their empire.  Some have traveled south to live, and they are generally welcomed.  Several Orcish families have been granted nobility over the past four hundred years.



There are few Sakor’akai, and no communities which are solely theirs.  There are no noble families of Sakor’akai.


Other Notable Races

None of the other races exist in the kingdom in significant numbers.




Total Population: 10,830,000


In Cities: 5%

                Endeage (57,800)

                Flopest (52,000)

                Palata (49,600)

                Southgate (47,500)

                Meldrage (44,000)

                Stoppon (34,950)

                Trimany (31,300)

                Northguard (30,100)

                Newporton (23,900)

                Saint Lawrence (18,230)


Racial Breakdown: 84% human, 5% Halfling, 4% half-elf, 4% Lizardfolk, 2% elf, 1% other)


Military Population: 250,000 army; 10,000 navy

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