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The Kingdom of Yellowia

                 There are times when a Yellowian ranger is worth more than a thousand regular soldiers.  Fortunately for the Yellowians it always seems to be one of those times when someone tries to invade.

 Mouser, attempting to explain to Stasis Gemblade how The Kingdom of Yellowia had survived more than one thousand years with no heavy cavalry. 208 A.C.


 The Kingdom of Yellowia is the oldest of the “human” realms, predating the Doggeden Wars and the Creation Ban by centuries.  The Kingdom was founded by a ranger in the year pre-1084 of the Asticlean calendar, and has never fallen, though its lands were almost completely occupied during the Tinkocracy.


In keeping with its founder’s ideals Yellowia allows its people more individual freedom than any other nation, possessing a simple set of laws and minimal central government.  This does not mean however that the Kingdom is anarchic, far from it.  Yellowia has the largest feudal system of the human realms and its king wields considerable power.  The nobles of Yellowia are answerable to the king and to each other for their actions, including their treatment of their subjects.  The king is responsible for the overall well being of the nation, including its defense, trade and foreign policy.


The Kingdom is largely a nation of farmers.  Yellowia’s fields and orchards produce half the main continent’s food and before the rise of the Horarian pirates, exported millions of tons to Icefia as well.  Yellowia is not without its craftsmen, especially bowyers and leather workers, or scholars, as Yellowia is home to its own Bardic College (most of the faculty being graduates of this institution of course).  The people of the Kingdom are open and good hearted, content to live in peace and less concerned with life outside their lands than say the average Icefian subject.  Treetop and Habastly are the most popular deities, with a strong presence of the faithful of Tommimao.  The cults are not actively persecuted, though Hemator’s cult is not as welcome as it is here in Icefia.


Yellowia has a strong military, whose primary purpose is border defense.  Yellowia is bounded to the north by the humanoid realm of Borkondof and to the south by the Giants’ Hills, both of which require constant vigilance.  The army contains more rangers than all the other militaries of the world combined and has a higher percentage of mounted soldiers than any other.  The Yellowian military’s elite troops include the Equestromancer (mounted spellcasters) and the Eshalmon (a sort of light cavalier, I suppose).  The ranger-lords, those noble families that can trace their lineage back to the founders of the kingdom and maintain their ranger heritage, occupy the most important military positions.  Yellowia has never sought world domination, or even power beyond its shores.  Despite this peaceful nature, its military might and economic/agrarian power allowed it to become the most powerful nation in the world for nearly three centuries. It would likely have remained the preeminent power if not for the murder of much of its royal family and their court in the early first century (post- Asticlean).  Yellowia was surpassed by The Kingdom of Icefia and became a staunch supporter of our nation until the Tinkocracy cut off nearly all communication between the continents in the beginning of the War of Technology in post-312.  While our Kingdom has not regained the position of prominence that it enjoyed before the war, Yellowia has thrived and, while not world dominating, is likely the most powerful nation in the world today.  Our Kingdom and the Kingdom of Yellowia remain friendly but until the pirate threat is crushed any formal reinstitution of the old alliance is unlikely.


The kingdom is a massive realm stretching from the ocean in the east to the Great Forest in the west. Most of the land is dominated by the high, yellow, grass that gives the nation its name. The land is fertile, crossed by several rivers and their countless tributaries.  As the land has been civilized for so long there are relatively few monsters in the interior, though the borderlands are considerably more dangerous.  Yellowia has no large cities but has thousands of small towns, almost all farming communities.  Each town is self-governing, raising constables and sheriffs, but answerable to the local noble.  At one time Yellowia held the Jungletree lands and all the lands south of the hills.  Today these lands have become nations of their own, though they retain close ties to the Kingdom.


As previously mentioned, Yellowia has never ceased to exist since its foundation.  However, during its existence it has had four ruling families, two good, one thoroughly evil and the most recent, which has not held power long enough for anyone to form an opinion.  When a royal line ends the oldest noble house becomes the royal family.  The four families are (in order) the Astars, the Umanin, the Harticutts, and the Padwells.  The Umanin, as you are likely aware, are genocidal, xenophobic villains, who remain in small enclaves throughout the world to this day, though they no longer have a nation of their own.


The current house has held power for only fifty years and the current king took the throne less than a decade ago.  The Padwells are a ranger house and seem to embody the freewheeling ranger lifestyle a little too thoroughly for the comfort of the Kingdom’s nobles.  The Kingdom is close to a state of war with Borkondof, as that evil realm’s hobgoblin and bugbear warlords seem unwilling to keep their mindless hoards behind their borders.


Excerpted from: A History of the Modern Nations,

By Thelis Hawklyn Professor, Bardic Collage of Icefia Post-564




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