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Skills and Feats From the Kingdom of Yellowia




Improved Ride-By Attack (General)

You are able to make several attacks while charging multiple opponents.

            Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, 12 ranks in Ride, +7 Base Attack Bonus.

            Benefit:  When charging in a straight line on a mount on the ground, you may make a number of attacks equal to the number of attacks of opportunity you would be able to make in a round.  You may not attack any one opponent more than once.  You must pass within 5 feet of the opponent you are going to attack at some point during your charge.  You must use the same weapon for all attacks in the round.  This is a full round action.

            Normal: You may only make one attack while charging.


Mounted Combat Reflexes (General)

You are able to have your mount avoid multiple attacks in a single round.

            Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, 12 ranks in Ride, Dexterity 12+.

            Benefit:  When a successful attack is made on your mount while you are riding it, you can make a Ride skill check to negate the attack.  The result of the Ride check becomes the new armor class for your mount for that attack.  You may do this a number of times per round equal to 1+ your dexterity modifier.

            Normal: You may only attempt to negate one attack per round.


Trained Feat (General)

You have taught an animal companion so that it can take advantage of a feat.

            Prerequisites: Handle Animal 10 ranks; animal companion, familiar, or bonded mount; accompanied the animal for one year per trained feat.

            Benefit: You may teach your animal so that it is considered to have one of the following feats: Adroit Fly-By Attack, Alertness, Cover Your Tracks, Danger Sense, Dash, Dodge, Endurance, Fly-By Attack, Great Fly-By Attack, Heat Tolerance, Hover, Improved Fly-By Attack, Improved Initiative, Improved Maneuverability, Mighty Leaping, Mobility, Mountaineer, Natural Scavenger, Ride-By Attack, Run, Scramble, Snatch, Spirited Charge, Spring Attack, Stealthy, Track, Trample, Tunnel Fighting, and Wingover.

            Normal: Your animal companion gains feats in the normal way.

            Special: The Learned Feat skill may be used to gain this feat.  This feat may be gained multiple times.  If an animal that you have trained dies, the feat may be transferred to a new animal.  The training of the new animal takes one year per feat.

            Animals ignore the Mounted Combat feat as a prerequisite to any feat.

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