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Dead Deities

                      These are deities that have been destroyed.  They no longer have any clerics, although some still have faithful.



FORSHA  [for-sha] (The Shieldmaiden, The Protector)


            The Counsil once feared creatures like the Doggedens.  To protect themselves against those threats, the Counsil brought the deity Forsha into existence.  She was an immovable defender that was ever present at the steps of the Castle of the Gods.  What the deities had not anticipated was the development of a religion based on Forsha.  The religion grew slowly, mainly through myth and legend about the undefeatable defender of the deities.  Her reputation came to match that of Han~Sui, and there were many bloody arguments over which of the two was a better warrior.  The argument came to an abrupt end during the Return of Amat.  Forsha was slain by a servant of Amat and her religion quickly faded from Habololy.

            The faith of Forsha was based on obedience and devotion.  After her death, her followers turned to Stasis and Han~Sui.


Alignment:  Lawful Neutral

Symbol:  Blue shield with a Light Gleam in upper right corner

Aspects:  Defense, Protection, Duty


            Dogma:  Defend those that need defending.  Become strong so that you can survive any attack against you.  Death will only come for those who are unprepared.



GREMDELIVIAN  [grem-del-iv-ee-an] (The Trickster)


            One of the fathers of the Gremlins, Gremdelivian was a member of the Counsil that was accepted by few others.  At least a few claim that he was brought to the Counsil by Treetop to create a religion for the growing Gremlin population.  Gremdelivian represented the typical Gremlin.  He was scatterbrained, quick, tricky, and rarely listened to the rules of the Counsil.  Gremdelivian was allowed to stay on the Counsil simply to prevent the Gremlins from falling into the worship of a cult.

            Gremdelivian was the constant thorn in the side of Highlander and tinkers everywhere.  After centuries of bickering and clashes, Highlander was able to trap and slay Gremdelivian.  Had he not been slain, the War of Technology may have never come to pass.

            There are still some Gremlins alive that were alive when Gremdelivian existed.  Soon after its death, Gremdelivians faction of Gremlins was given a choice to convert to the faith of Compture or leave the jungles.  Some that left still live with the jungle elves and tell tales of their once wonderful deity.

            Those that worshipped Gremdelivian turned to Compture, Chaos, Treetop, or Tommimao.  Some went on to continue to pray to their lost deity until their own death.


AlignmentChaotic Neutral

Symbol:  Gremlin Hands crossed and locked at the Thumbs

Aspects:  Mischief, Gremlins, Thieves


Dogma:  Obey no rules that dont feel right at the moment.



HIGHLANDER  [hie-lan-der] (Grandtinker)


            The power behind the tinkers, Highlander was eventually punished for allowing the technologies he spawned to go too far.  Han~Sui executed him on the order of the Counsil.  He is the only deity to ever have been destroyed in such a way.

            While he existed, Highlander often resided on the Great Plateau, and not in the Castle of the Gods.  His only allies on the Counsil were Tfop and Pfot.  The others cared little for a deity that did not partake in discussions and decisions.  Highlander cared for little other than the advancement of his craft: tinkering.

            As the father of technology and the patron of tinkers, he is credited with all of Habololys advanced technology.  While this credit was at first a boon, it later turned into a great hatred of him by most races, deities, and nations.

            At first, many of his followers still worshipped Highlander after his death.  They tried everything to bring him back.  Some quickly lost faith and turned away from technology.  Some went to the faiths of Drunnbar, Tfop, or Pfot, who had been the closest allies of Highlander and the Tinkocracy.  Years later the remainder of his faithful and clerics spawned the cult of Arsenal.


Alignment:  Neutral Neutral (good)

Symbol:  Steel Sun rising over a Plateau

Aspects:  Technology, Tinkers, Invention


Dogma:  Technology first, life second.



LAVAD  [le-vad]


            Lavads faith was a small one made up of powerful individuals.  He himself is said to have been a treasure hunter that found the key to immortality, and hence the reason he became a deity.  Even after the Counsil had elevated him, Lavad spent little time at the Castle of the Gods, preferring to remain on the open sea.

            A mere two hundred years after his ascension, the Doggeden War began.  Unlike many of the other deities, Lavad immediately intervened on behalf of his faithful.  Although his approach towards the war would eventually be accepted by the Counsil, it was after he had challenged an been slain by Amat in combat.

            Almost every one of his faithful died fighting in the Doggeden War.  Honoring their deity with the same sacrifice he made.


Alignment:  True Neutral

Symbol:  Volcano

Aspects:  Treasure, Sailors


Faithful:  none

Associated Groupsnone


            Dogma:  To gain the greatest rewards, you must take the greatest risks.



LEVEL  [lev-al] (Islandmaker, Lavamancer)


            Levels existence began much like Frostines.  Level existed from the first time a fire was lit and a volcano erupted.  His faith was strong among the islanders, the Fire Giants, those that lived in the desert, and other creatures of fire and flame.

            His existence ended during the Doggeden War.  Amat slew him in battle, one of three deities Amat killed in the war.  His faith remained in existence for nearly a century after his death, but eventually the faithful went to worship other deities.

            Very little is remembered or recorded of the tenants and traditions of Levels religion.


Alignment:  True Neutral

Symbol:  Volcano

Aspects:  Lava, Volcanoes, Fire, Islands


Faithful:  none

Associated Groupsnone


Dogma:  The fire is the most powerful and destructive element.



The Spider Queen


            The Drow Elves, and the world below the surface, were dominated by the cult of the spider queen for millennia.  She was a cruel deity who subjugated all other races, along with the males of her chosen race.

            By the time the Counsil came into existence, the power of the spider queens influence in the world below was so total, that they could do nothing except prevent her from spreading to the surface.  She was in complete control of her world.  It was not until the defeat of Amat that things began to change.

            The defeat of Amat had filled the heroes and good religions of the world with confidence.  For the first time, they brought the battle into the world beneath to challenge the rule of the spider queen.

            It was centuries before the crusade, led by Stasis, the religions of Treetop and Arsuranyodel, and the Order of Sunlight Below, was successful.  The power of the spider queen was broken and she was forever banished from Habololy.

            Her remaining followers fell victim to the creatures they had enslaved for so long.  Most of her followers and cult were wiped out.  Those that remained fled to the worship of Wandle, Dresta, Loomashyn, or Chaos.

            In an ultimate irony, the defeat of the spider queen brought a tumult and chaos to the world beneath that she would have loved.


Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

Symbol:  Spider

Aspects:  Female Drow, Deception, Evil


Dogma:  Drow are the most powerful race, and the female is the better half of every race.  True power comes from chaos and the opportunity it brings.



NOVINE  [noe-vine]


            Novine is often described in the teachings of other faiths as a failed experiment of the deities before the Counsil.  Novine was elevated to the status of deity for no other reason than to deny followers to Amat.  Although some gnomes turned to the worship of Novine, his lack of inspiration and purpose doomed him and his religion.

            For centuries, Novine languished as a lackey and second rate deity.  Never taken seriously, never holding any real power, and never able to challenge Amat for control of the gnomes.  When the Doggeden War erupted, he saw his opportunity, and threw in with his long-time enemy, Amat.  The Counsil expelled him immediately, and for a short time he flourished along side his former adversary.

            As the Doggeden War progressed, and the forces of the Conusil began to prevail, Amat set up his new ally and killed Novine while making it appear that the Counsil had slain him, taking all of his power and drawing in all of his followers.


Alignment:  True Neutral

Symbol:  An N turned 90 degrees and overlaid over another N

Aspects:  Gnomes


Dogma:  Gnomes dont need anything but their own intellect.



PFOT  [fot]  (The Schemer, The Dark Alchemist)

            The twin of Tfop, Pfot represented those things that his brother did not.  Pfot was the one in control, the favored in the contest, the plotter, the planner, the tester.  Tfops vigor and charisma won far more faithful than Pfots strategy and conservatism.

            His chance came when Tfop left the Counsil at the end of the Doggeden Wat.  His emotional brother had finally made a crucial error.  Pfot capitalized on it and led the crusade against his brothers clerics and faithful.  His power grew, but never to the level that Tfops had reached.

            His brother eventually returned to the Counsil after Amats imprisonment, and Pfots power began to decline, his followers began to leave.  He decided to take a risk, a decision contrary to his belief, an act which spells doom for a deity.  Pfot allied himself with the Tinkocracy and Highlander.

            After the Tinkocracy fell, the people of Habololy were not willing to let any ally of it go unpunished.  Pfot disappeared shortly after his high temple was burned to the ground.  His clerics turned to Tfop, his faithful scattered.


Alignment:  Neutral Neutral (evil)

Symbol:  Potion Vial Shape cut out of a Black Disc

Aspects:  Alchemy, Revenge, Twins, Schemes


Dogma:  Plan every act.  Use every tool at your disposal.  Even death can be planned for.



The Deities of the Vinsaise Empire


            What is known of the deities of the elves of the Vinsaise Empire has been collected by loremasters and relic hunters over the past five centuries.  There were at least five deities, all of which disappeared or were destroyed along with the empire.  Any information or items pertaining to the deities in highly coveted, especially by the quasi-deities.



The Deities of the Ancient Barbarians


            The many barbarian tribes that inhabit the lands of Habololy were once joined in a few larger tribes.  According to some loremasters and relic hunters, these tribes lived on the eastern half of the main continent, and ruled those lands until the arrival of the orcs and the jungle elves.

            While they ruled those lands, the barbarians worshipped deities that bare little resemblance to those of the Counsel.  The ancient barbarian tales and few relics from those days tell of brutal and wild deities that constantly pestered the barbarians.  Deities that ruled out of fear.


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