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The basic alignments of the characters and creatures of Habololy are the same as described in the Players’ Handbook.  Occasionally, the description of a character or creature will have an alignment in parenthesis.  This denotes that the character or creature has tendencies towards a slightly different alignment.  This usually means a change in alignment is underway.  A thief in the process of becoming an honest man, a deity whose faithful are coming from a different alignment base than the deity’s, and a fallen knight are all examples of this circumstance.

The Alignments of the characters and creatures of Habololy can be of a very relative nature.  A Good character that is devoted to a religion may have little problem killing a good cultist.  A Lawful character that despises technology would execute a tinker without trial or due process.  A Chaotic wizard would still be likely to fear sorcerers and follow all of the rules governing wizards’ interaction with them.



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