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Habololy is made up of three major continents and one major ocean, which has hundreds of large and small islands it in.  The first of the continents to be created, inhabited, and explored is simply known as the main continent.  It is the largest and home to as many creatures as the rest of Habololyís lands combined.  At its center lies the Great Halfling Forest, which sprawls nearly three thousand miles from its top where it meets the sea to its bottom where it meets the wall of Hertoplowis.  Attached to the Great Forest to the east is the Boiled Forest, a swamp that encroaches more and more on the Great Forest every year.  To the northeast lie the Orcish Empire and the open lands that separate the empire from the forest.  The Orcish lands are made up of harsh broken lands and light forests, as are the open lands that are home to several independent cities.  To the east of the Great Forest and south of the Orcish Empire are the Kingdom of Yellowia and its vast farmlands.  The Kingdomís southern border are the Giantís Hills.  Farther south are the Elven Jungles, which stretch for over a thousand miles, and the Salt Peninsula, a small swamp that is sinking into the ocean.  South of the Great Forest is the Wall of Hertoplowis and the nation by the same name that is behind it on the Hook, a peninsula that stretches into the southern reaches on the world.  The tip of the hook contains the Ten Ogre Forest and in the center of it is an island on which the nation of Thynkizland is located.

The western side of the main continent is roughly the same size as the eastern side.  To the west of the center of the Great Halfling Forest is Intoria, the largest desert on Habololy.  It stretches nearly twenty-five hundred miles from east to west and nearly two thousand miles from north to south.  On the southeastern corner of the desert lies the Desert Edge Mountains, home to the Fire Giants and several volcanoes.  To the southwest of the desert is the massive Destroytian Peninsula.   It is cut off from the main continent by a vast jungle.  Beyond the jungle are the nations of Thalmeret and the Destroytian Republic, which are home to forests, hills, plains, mountains, and several rivers.  To the northwest of the Great Forest are lands of the main continent that were the first to be settled.  A massive plateau that is over one thousand miles from north to south and over five hundred miles wide is north of the Intorian desert.  The Great Plateau is anywhere from five hundred feet to one mile above the rest of the land around it.  North of the Great Plateau are the Crescent Mountains and farther north is the Rose Forest.  The other lands around the Great Plateau are home to many independent cities.

The second largest continent, but the last to be created, is the continent of Icefia.  It lies almost one thousand miles to the west of the main continent.  Its southern most point is roughly equivalent to the northern most point of the main continent.  Icefia is over fifteen hundred miles across.  Lower Icefia extends at least that far from south to north.  Farther north is upper Icefia, which covers the northern cap of Habololy.  Upper Icefia is a desolate frozen waste where even the Ice Gnomes fear to tread.  The most northern parts of Lower Icefia arenít very hospitable either, but the chosen of Frostine and the Ice Gnomes manage to survive there.  The southern coast of Icefia is a land of rolling hills and forests and is home to the Kingdom of Icefia and the Scaled Kingdom.  Several hundred miles inland from the eastern coast is the Bane of Frostine, a dormant volcano.  It has erupted several times in recorded history and created a rocky field for over one hundred miles around it.  In the midst of the vast forest that runs along the southern coast is The Frozen Twin, a glacier that appears to have been cleft in the middle.  If one stands exactly between the Bane of Frostine and the Frozen Twin, both are barely visible above the forests.  They are about three hundred miles apart.  A great frozen lake once dominated the center of Lower Icefia.  Since the defeat of the chosen of Frostine, the lake has begun to melt.  Only one tenth of the lake has melted, and already it is two hundred and fifty miles across.  The rest of Lower Icefia is a land struggling to free itself from an ice age: snow-capped mountains, ground frozen for three-quarters of the year, miles of snowdrifts that never fully melt, and rugged hills that have precious little life.

The third continent is known for the mountain range that dominates it, the String Mountains.  The continent is four thousand miles long, over half of which is the String Mountain Range.  It is less than fifteen hundred miles from north to south at its thickest point.  The Sting Mountains dominate the western half of the continent, while the eastern half contains forests, hills and rivers.  The lands between the mountains and the forests and hills are known as the Badlands.  It is the only land in which the Vishtoo live.  It has become extremely barren, as the Vishtoo suck the life out of the land more and more as the years pass.

The ocean, which does not have any other name for it is the only one, is below Icefia and the eastern half of the Sting Mountain continent.  It separates the western shores of the main continent and the eastern shores of the Destroytian Peninsula by just over two thousand miles.  Near the center of the ocean is Doggeden Island, although no one knows its exact location.  Red Island and the thousand islands of Kathow-tio-Horari dot the ocean half that lies below Icefia.  The northern part of the ocean separates Icefia from the String Mountain continent and is the rumored location of the Counsil of Deities.  The sub-continent of Ekarude, a land of vast plains and rivers surrounded by smaller islands occupies the southern ocean.  Ekarude is home to the Islanders, the nation of Layraedia, and to the nation of Amatom, which is surrounded by Chlorenís Mountains.

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