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The lands of Habololy range from the near insurmountable String Mountains to the deep hot desert of Intoria.  There are vast jungles and massive forests.  The Great Plateau is known by all and is a subcontinent above the main continent.  The lands of the continent of Icefia were once covered in Ice, and parts of it still are.  Thousands of islands of every kind cover the only great ocean.  In the kingdom of Yellowia, four-foot high grasslands dominate the area, grasslands where the grass is yellow.  On the continent of Icefia, the pine forest wages war with the growing forest trying to claim the fertile land.  The Great Halfling forest wages it own war against the encroachment of the Boiled Forest, a swamp that was once part of the forest.

The seas and the ocean of Habololy are deep blue, with hints of green since the appearance of the moon.  The only true ocean is cut in half by thousands of small and several large islands.  Somewhere in that ocean lay Doggeden Island, and some islands that have been long forgotten.  Some tales say that the seas and the ocean have receded over the centuries, but few believe that is actually truth. 

 The skies above Habololy are light blue.  During the day, the sky is filled with two suns, one large and one small.  During the winter months, it is impossible to see the smaller sun, known as Hew.  In the summer months, sometimes Hew is the only one that is visible.  At night, the moon dominates the sky.  It appears as white with dull green and blue patches.  The nights of the summer, spring, and autumn months have the moon for nearly the entire night.  It is not until the winter that the moon is not out for the entire night.  Only a few stars can be seen, and they change as the years progress, making it difficult to recognize them.


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