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Behind the Scenes

Habololy Main 

Saren Thatcher                       

Saren was born into a noble family whose name he has vowed not to use or divulge until he has restored the honor of the family name, but we will get to that in a moment.  His family are wealthy merchants but only recently so.  Saren, being nobly born,  was brought up with all the luxuries one could want.  His parents gave him the best tutors and they taught him courtly behavior.  At the age of 16 it became vogue for the nobility of the region to have their sons and daughters train in the arts of war.  Rumor had reached the nobles of a great battle between an army of Orcs and a coalition of some sort.  It was not that the nobles thought that there was any enemy to which their children would have to face, but yet another way to gage what family was better than another.  Whose offspring were the better swordsmen, whose could shoot a bow better, and the like.

Saren's family put word out that they were looking for able and capable martial teachers for their son.  Many men, soldiers and mercenaries alike, came to the families call for the prospect of living an easy lift teaching a noble whelp how to fight.  There was much debate between Sarenís father and his advisors as to whom they should hire for the position.  Saren was present for many of the interviews, after all he wanted to at least see who would be teaching him, even if he would have no input in the decision.  Saren left around lunchtime, having become bored with the boasts that each man made, each one seeming more outlandish than the last.  As he left, Saren noticed several of the men, all except one, were only a few years older than himself, and wondered which one of them would be his teacher come the morrow.

To his surprise, it was the older soldier he had seen the previous day that greeted him at the appointed time for his training.  Now that Saren was able to get a closer and better look at the man, he saw that he was old indeed.  He was old enough to be his grandfather.  Knowing how his parents loved to be seen as better than their peers, he wondered what his parents could have been thinking.

It turned out that, even at his advanced age, Sarenís teacher, Avrim, was a skilled warrior.  Avrim was proficient in many weapons and Saren was a quick study.  Over the course of their training, Saren noticed a subtle change in Avrimís attitude.  At first, Avrim was all business. He was the teacher and that was the end of their relationship. Avrimís tone was clipped, almost cold, and there seemed to be a sadness about him. But over the course of a few months that sadness seemed to disappear and the Teacher and Student barrier between them seemed to come down a little. Then one day, when Saren arrived for his lessons, Avrim, instead of leading him to the area where they usually trained, instead took Saren to Sarenís Fatherís study, a place Saren was rarely, if ever, allowed to enter. Two chairs had been moved in front of the fireplace in the study.  They both sat down. Avrim stared above the fireplace mantle to the wall where a variety of weapons hung. Most of them Saren knew by sight. But, one, a lance type weapon, Saren had never seen before.  Wary of breaking the silence, but his curiosity beginning to get the better of him, Saren asked Avrim what the lance like weapon was.

ďThatĒ, Avrim replied, ďis your Great-Grandfather's Ranseur.Ē Saren asked Avrim how he knew it was his grandfatherís weapon.  Avrim then told Saren of his Great-grandfather and of the Paladi Anthichi.  He told of how Joram the Just was murdered by one of his own sons.  And how that son, Sarenís grandfather, in his own quest for money, singlehandedly ruined Sarenís family name.  Though no one was able to prove it, it is widely believed that Sarenís grandfather was behind the murder and that caused many of the merchants outside of their realm to stop dealing with them.

From that day on, Saren trained with Avrim in the ways of the Paladi Anthichi and with his great-grandfather's weapons.  When Avrim had taught him all that he could, Saren knew it was time to leave his parents' house.  As he had done before, he informed his parents of his intent to leave. With only a ďYes, Yes, Be gone!!Ē from his father and a ďThatís nice dearĒ from his mother, Saren bid farewell to Avrim and the few friends he had, gathered his belongings for the road.  Before he left the house, he paid one final visit to his fathers study.  Leaving a note saying that he would return them, and knowing that his parents would not care one way or the other in any event, Saren took his grandfathers Scimitar and Ranseur from the wall and left his family home.

Saren no longer uses his family name, adopting the surname Thatcher upon seeing a young boy repairing the roof of his home in one of the small towns he passed through.  Saren has wrapped a portion of his Ranseur, just below the head of the weapon, in dark stained leather.  It is widely believed that his family name and crest are etched into the weapon underneath those wrappings.  The same is done to, and said of, the hilt of his Scimitar.

Soon after he left home, Saren was told of a heroic warrior saint of Hemator who was looking for like-minded individuals to accomplish a goodly and noble task.  It took several months, but Saren tracked down this saint named Solaris and began to travel with him.

  Class:   Paladin          
  Size: Medium Height: 5'11" Weight: 180 lbs.  
  Hair: Blonde Eyes:  Blue-Green Skin: Fair  
  Age: 17 (17/6/767)          
  Str: 17 (+3) HP: 13      
  Dex: 13 (+1) Initiative: +1 Dex (+1)    
  Con: 16 (+3) Speed: 30 ft. (20 in armor)  
  Int: 16 (+3) AC: 16 Dex (+1);  Armor (+5)  
  Wis: 16 (+3)          
  Cha: 17 (+3)          
    Notable Equipment:       Notable Skills:  
    Masterwork Ranseur       Handle Animal +7  
    Masterwork Scimitar       Sense Motive +7  
    Spells Usually Memorized:       Notable Feats:  
        1st   Combat Expertise  
          Human   Power Attack  
        Anti   Chivalrous Courtesy / Mobility  
    Languages:     Anti   Code of Arms / Weapon Focus (Ranseur)  
    Common (literate)   Anti   Honorable Challenge / Dodge  
    Notable Abilities:          
    Aura of Good    
    Detect Evil          
    Holy Weapon          




Saren will usually wait for an enemy to engage him before starting a fight.


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