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The distinction between the major and minor races of Habololy is based not on any knowledge that a character would have in game.  The distinction is made to make is easier for a player to understand the most important races on the world stage.  All of the races in the list of Major races are ones that have had a prominent role at some or many points in the history of the world, can be found in varied locations around the world, and are known to most everyone around the world.  The minor races are those that fail to meet those criteria.  Frost Giants, for example, have a their own nation in the String Mountains and are a significant influence on that continent.  However, they have little presence throughout the main continent and no presence on any island.  It is likely that a majority of the world's population will never encounter or be effected by a Frost Giant.  Gremlins are known around the world and pop up from time to time everywhere.  However, they never had a true nation, even during the existence of the deity Gremdelivian,  As a group they have no power to influence any nation.  As a meta game difference, the minor races are typically ones that have an ECL to use as a player character.

What is given below is a description of the race.  If the creature is new to Habololy, or significantly changed, there is a link to a monster entry.  If the creature can be used as a player character, there is only the name of the race, which serves as a link to a separate screen detailed the race.





The Fire Giants have lived in and near the Intorian Desert for as long as it has existed.  For much of the desert’s history, the Fire Giants were a force, but a small one.  The peoples of the desert and the areas around it were wise enough to stay away from the giants and their lands.  This began to change after the fall of the Intorian Empire, which had always been able to keep the giants in check.  Soon after the empire’s fall, the giants from different tribes formed larger groups.  Eventually, a giant named Sutyr united the all the tribes.  He claimed to be the divine representative of a deity from a different plane where Fire Giants held sway over all.  Under his guidance, the Fire Giants formed a nation that Sutyr named it Baenrl.  For all his accomplishments and claims, the Counsil elevated Sutyr to the status of Deity.  The once scattered race was now united under one deity and under the banner of one nation.


Fire Giant society is brutal and dominated by the powerful.  Males have all of the power, and the strongest and most intelligent males dominate the others.  Slavery is common, with many other races being subjugated by the giants.  Every chance to gain control of more land or claim more slaves is taken.  Wars are a noble undertaking on the sole reason they allow the powerful to thin the ranks of the weak.











Only found in the lands of and near Borkondof, Hobgoblins are a vile race, constantly searching of power and gratification.  They have taken much of their society from humans, orcs, and even the drow elves.  Nothing that the Hobgoblins design is innovative.  Nothing they do is creative.  They are the leaches of the civilized world.  They use the other races that they are able to overpower or corrupt to further their goals.


Hobgoblins in height and build are very similar to humans.  Their hair and skin is almost always tan or brown.  Their eyes are often red and sunken.


Note that a Hobgoblin's rules for being used as a player character are identical to those found in the Monster Manual.





Many of Habololy’s ogres are near-mindless brutes that roam the wilderness in search of their next meal.  They squabble with trolls over territory and control of lands that the civilized races wouldn’t consider worthy of controlling.  When they do wander into the lands of a nation, they are quickly run off or dispatched.  Most trained soldiers of any background can deal with a lone ogre.


The exception are the ogres of the Ten Ogre Forest, west of the nation of Pacyr.  Centuries ago, one of the last great ogre tribes was defeated by Pacyr, and the survivors were driven into the forest.  Legend claims only ten ogres made it there.  Those few ogres were not heard from for generations.  When they finally did emerge from the forest, they had a new outlook on life.  The ogres were devoted to the religion of Habastly.  Nature was their ally and to be preserved at all costs.  As time went on, they also gained a hatred for all cults and all religions that opposed Habastly.


The life style of these ogres has evolved away from the brutal animalistic way of their cousins around the world.  They revere all forms of nature.  Only dead animals and plants are used in clothing or for food.  Luckily, ogres can live off even rotting or decaying meat.  Stone and metal are highly valued, as no living thing had to die to provide them.  The only creatures that deserve a harsh death are those who oppose life and the laws of Habastly.  Luckily for Pacyr, and any other close-by nation, these ogres enjoy their forest life too much to be a constant threat.  They raise an army once every thirty or forty years and march on Pacyr, but other than that, they keep to themselves.



Often mistaken for some form of Lizardfolk, the Troglodytes are humanoid reptiles that live underground.  They are only found under the lands of the main continent, and mostly in or under Borkondof, where their presence is only barely tolerated.  Troglodytes are not civilized by most standards.  Their tribes are brutal and led by the cruelest and most powerful.  They interact with other races only to gain power, or food.


They only venerate deities out of a desire for power.  Vishtoo, Dresta, and Loomashyn are the most commonly worshipped.  They do not raise families; they do not adhere to any law except that of the powerful rule over the weak; they hold nothing sacred.


Note that a Troglodyte's rules for being used as a player character are identical to those found in the Monster Manual.




Giantish – “He who has only one eye protects it well.”

Hobgoblin – “It’s easy to carry a load on another’s back.”

Borkon the Rusted on Troglodytes: “They make poor slaves, and worse allies.”


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