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Medium-Sized Monstrous Humanoid

Hit Dice: 4d8+8 (26hp)

Initiative: +1 (Dex)

Speed: 30 ft, fly 30 ft. (good)

AC: 16 (+5 natural, +1 Dex)

Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+7

Attack: fist +6 or spear +6

Full Attack: 2 fists +6/+1 melee; or spear +6 melee; or spear +4 ranged

Damage: fist 1d4 +3; or spear 1d8 +3

Space/Reach: 5 ft by 5 ft/ 5 ft

Special Attacks: frightful presence

Special Qualities: SR 14, Fire Subtype, Darkvision 60’

Saves: Fortitude +5; Reflex +3; Willpower +2

Abilities: Strength 16; Dexterity 13; Constitution 14; Intelligence 10; Wisdom 9; Charisma 12

Skills: Hide +6*; Intimidate +8; Knowledge (Geography) +4; Move Silently +6*

Feats: Power Attack; Improved Unarmed Strike

Climate/ Terrain: Any Temperate to Tropical with Vegetation

Organization: Pack (4-10); Tribe (100-300); Settlement (1000+)

Creature Rarity: 4

Challenge Rating: 5

Treasure: ½ standard

Alignment: never lawful or good; usually evil

Advancement: by class

Level Adjustment: +4


The ebony skinned demons that roam the northeastern section of the String Mountain continent, the Vishtoo are the most dangerous race living on Habololy.  Their concerns are for the cult deity, their own survival, and the death of the their enemies.  Much of the world has been spared the horrors of the Vishtoo by the dwarves and the Gree, who are their neighbors and main opponents.


The typical Vishtoo male is over six feet tall.  They appear as humanoid, but have little it the way of detail on their face and body.  They appear to have no eyes, no mouth, and no nose.  Their ears are short and points and are closer to the top of their head than other humanoids.  Stranger still is that every Vishtoo has a cloak that appears to grow out of their skin near the top and back of their torso.



For the Vishtoo, combat is life.  They fight each other to train and to determine who their leaders should be.  They fight their neighbors to gain land.  They fight other creatures in their own lands to survive.  Their existence is a brutal one and filled with violence.  Vishtoo prefer to use only their fists and bodies in combat, but are known to use weapons when necessary.

Typical Vishtoo tactics are to attack at night and from cover.  They never outnumber their opponents and must use every tactic possible to overcome that.


Fire Subtype: Fire immunity, double damage from cold except on a successful throw


Frightful Presence (Su):  Any intelligent creature that sees a Vishtoo must make a Willpower saving throw at DC 15 + the Vishtoo’s level or run in fear for ten minutes.  While running, the creature may not take any offensive actions, but may cast defensive or transportation spells or use similar abilities.


Skills: Vishtoo receive a +2 bonus to all Intimidate skill checks.  At night, they also receive a +4 circumstance bonus to all Hide skill checks.  While flying, they receive a +4 circumstance bonus to all Move Silently skill checks.


Vishtoo Characters

A Vishtoo’s favored class is Berserker if he is chaotic.  A Vishtoo’s favored class is Monk if he is neutral.  They may never take a level in the Wizard, Psion, Psychic Warrior, Tinker, or Paladin class.  Vishtoo have an ECL of +4.


Of the Vishtoo – “White flowers cannot be found in a coal sack.”


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